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4 alternative and related products to MagicPad

Free, simple, and private, offline text encryption suite.
It is everyone's right to privacy. MagicPad adds to your security and privacy arsenal for free! A simple and private, offline encryption suite. 0 collected data and 100% open-source.
Steganography optional :)
Mobile friendly.
4 Alternatives to MagicPad

Send end-to-end encrypted text, picture, and video messages

Lachlan Campbell
Lachlan Campbell- Hack Club design/JS—HS 🎓—they/them—🌈
Signal is a Snowden-approved, end-to-end encrypted chat app. It's widely considered the safest messaging service. 💬
Chris Messina
Chris Messina- Product designer & entrepreneur
Since it provides end-to-end encryption, Signal is a good choice.
David- Growth marketer
Signal is doing an excellent job updating the product while maintaining their core value proposition.
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13 Alternatives to Signal 2.0

Next gen VPN, total browser encryption & decentralized trust

Tenta is a next generation private & encrypted browser powered by a decentralized VPN network and trust protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. Tenta offers secure access to today's internet and web 3.0 with our built-in privacy tools, including real VPN, secure DNS over TLS, HTTPS Everywhere, ad block, malware protection, private search and more.

Jesse Adams
Jesse Adams- CEO, Tenta Browser
Tenta Browser offers built-in VPN that's on by default. You can choose between browser only VPN or device-wide VPN. The browser also includes a variety of privacy tools by default such as complete data encryption (even your bookmarks and downloaded files), DNS over TLS, do not track, ad block, private search and more. All these combined with the VPN prevent … See more
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6 Alternatives to Tenta Browser 2.0

Secure instant messaging system for any network

MyChat is an enterprise messenger that can work in LAN or over the slow Internet connection.

Alexey Pikurov
Alexey Pikurov- Communication and security
To be honest, we are using our own product :) — own server — encrypted database — requires fewer resources — reliable in slow Internet connection — instant messaging — voice/video calls (one-to-one) — project management, etc.
Alexey Pikurov
Alexey Pikurov- Communication and security
MyChat does not need your phone number. But this app is different from WhatsApp and Viber as it mostly used in companies for team collaboration on a self-hosted server.
Alexey Pikurov
Alexey Pikurov- Communication and security
— Free up to 20 users concurrent connections — conferences and private dialogues (voice and video calls one-to-one) — access control (configured on the server) — own server (local, self-hosted). Only you and your team have access to it — able to work in LAN Productivity tools: — project management (Kanban) — screen sharing — broadcast messages with return re… See more
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7 Alternatives to MyChat

Encrypt your messages into natural text 🗣️

Natural Text is an encryption app which with a new algorithm converts the encrypted text to natural text. So, it would be very hard for the adversary to understand that the message is encrypted. Th app is available for many languages including English, Spanish and Chinese.

5 Alternatives to Natural Text
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