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The best way to share links with friends

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Awesome link sharing/commenting with friends.

Simon Bromberg- CTO @DashMD ,
Minimal onboarding
Simone Rinaldi
This could be perfect, if there was not to basic, without the capability to manage or find again old links shared.
Jake Wayne- Co-Founder of Companion
Probably the most underrated tool. I am constantly Point-ing articles to friends as I browse online. I have yet to find something I like more. Unfortunately I just got an email from the founders saying they ran out of capital. However the chrome extension and iOS app is still up and running. Still recommend the download!
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Change the way you converse on the Web

ReadBoard is the fastest way to start a conversation on any passage of a web article with your colleagues, friends and family.

It is also a great place to meet like-minded readers and thinkers on the Web.

The vision is to build the largest community of like-minded readers and thinkers on the Web.

Pranay Rathod- Co-founder, ReadBoard
It is the best way to start contextual convesations and all the conversations are saved on the site Moreover we can invite anyone to start discussions. Also the site has a wonderful interface.
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