Alternative products to Lurchr

14 alternative and related products to Lurchr

Saves all your Slack links, so you can focus on work
14 Alternatives to Lurchr

Organize & share knowledge with your team

Tettra is a company wiki for organizing & sharing knowledge with your team

Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Tettra is really powerful with it's Slack integration. We can keep company info,(like vacation days), onboarding info (like tools and login details), as well as product feature documentation. Since all of it is searchable in Slack, the team doesn't need to know where every doc is located. If something isn't covered anyone can request that content to be poste… See more
Andrés Valera
Andrés Valera- Co-founder @ Leadbox
Simple and powerful wiki with slack Integration. The true power of the knowledge is based on how easy you can access it.
Nik Sudan
Nik Sudan- Games & Systems Developer
Simple little wiki that integrates into Slack. You're able to categorise your articles into spaces too!
12 Alternatives to Tettra

A Chrome extension that simplifies the Slack interface

Tight is a Chrome extension that increases readability, removes many redundant/useless buttons, improves the page layout and modernizes the overall style of Slack.

It's open source — suggestions and pull requests are highly encouraged!

Around the web
I used to enjoy using Slack. It was relatively simple and straightforward, the integrations were powerful and it was continuously improving. Over
3 Alternatives to Tight — Simplified Slack

Slack community messages sent in a scheduled email digest

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Atomic Slack sends your community a weekly email digest of what happened in Slack. This might seem counterintuitive considering Slack is intended to be a replacement for (internal team) email, but useful as another way to re-engage folks.
6 Alternatives to Atomic Slack

Find and organize your Slack team's links and files

Fastgrep is an app built for Slack that helps teams more easily find and organize links and files shared by their team members across their workspaces. All you need to do is add Fastgrep to Slack and it will start listening to all links and files that you and your teammates share. Then simply type /links or /files and voilà!

8 Alternatives to Fastgrep

A web app to make plans in a group or collaborate easily

franz herzog
franz herzog- Language Learner by
Maybe a very "lean" project management tool but getting the job done on plenty of my side projects and startups: A simple mix of Slack and Post-Its. Really love the concept:
franz herzog
franz herzog- Language Learner by
Still early - but they are getting several jobs done for me perfectly: 1) meet with friends/family (find a date and location etc.), 2) organise small projects which do not require Slack or Trello (just using the single group chat and storing important information in "post its" on the left).
3 Alternatives to JayPad
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