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Lunar Way is a free banking-app for Nordic customers, which makes it easy for you to handle your personal finance.

Top Lunar Way alternatives
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  • Entaxy was founded on the vision of helping people better understand their financial lives without having to sacrifice their data in the process. Leveraging Blockstack’s decentralized internet, users can access their financial data - entirely stored by the user - and receive useful insights that make understanding and managing their finances easier

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    Clean easy tool- see the long term vision on this one. Super easy to use and nice to see people leveraging platforms like Blockstack to envi…

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  • MoneyWiz

    A modern approach to personal finance
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  • Level Money

    Simple view of your available cash and budget
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  • Kualto

    Organize and manage your expenses by forecasting your cash flow.

    See what will be due and what your balance will be on any given future week. This way you'll know how much you can afford, and how much you can save.

    This is a big-picture approach to budgeting. As long as your future balance isn't going negative, you are good to go!

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