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Load test your app & API's with 1000's of concurrent users.

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Performance testing on websites, web apps & REST APIs

Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
This is my 2nd favorite load testing tool. A bit more basic than Load Impact. But super easy to use and very cost effective. You can customize the types of requests it makes / store reports / rerun old tests. If you're just getting started with load testing, I usually recommend Blitz first.
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Load Impact

On Demand Load Testing

Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
This is #1 in my opinion. You can record real user scenarios, then run them as percentages of your load test. Example - if you have an ecommerce site, you could simulate 5% of traffic checking out and 95% of traffic viewing product pages. It gets pricy though, so this is best option if you have some budget to spend on testing.
2 Alternatives to Load Impact

What are your favourite product made by a solo entrepreneur?

Douglas CorreaSenior Fullstack Developer
Nomad List 3.0 - Find the best place to ❤️ live, 👩‍💻 work, and 💃 play
"For me, it has to be NomadList by Pieter Levels. It's extremely helpful for deciding where to travel to next. It's getting better all the t… See more 4.0 - All in one bookmark manager become even better
"I've been using it and it's one of the best bookmarks management app out there, tried a whole bunch before. Didn't know it was made by a so… See more
Hyperping - Uptime monitoring made beautifully simple and reliable
"Because it has great oversight into daily workings and the UI is clean/minimal."
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