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7 alternative and related products to Listen Notes for Chrome

Listen Notes for Chrome
Chrome Extension to search podcasts & episodes
This is the official chrome extension for Listen Notes (
Search podcasts or episodes right from a desktop Chrome browser:
1) popup menu
2) L + <tab> to search from address bar
3) select text & context menu
7 Alternatives to Listen Notes for Chrome

Listen Notes is a search engine for podcasts, with some simple tools for listeners: Listen Later, Listen Alerts, Listen Clips.

A use case that may be useful for people on Product Hunt: Before meeting a VC or a celebrity entrepreneur, use Listen Notes to find all podcast interviews of that person and binge listen all of them, e.g., Justin Kan

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Broadcast - The Official Listen Notes blog
Listen Notes is a standalone podcast search engine website. It's not a podcast player. It's not a mobile app. But why a standalone podcast search engine website? It's actually two questions: Why a standalone podcast search engine? Isn't this available in any podcast player apps? Why a website? Why not an app?
It's easy enough to use a search engine to find a particular podcast. For example, are you a fan of Battlestar Galactica? Just hit up Bing, Google or Yahoo and you're pretty likely to locate (shameless self-promotion alert!) Battlestar Recaptica, a podcast devoted to the show.
Most podcast apps are built around finding and subscribing to shows, not episodes. But Listen Notes, Lifehacker's favorite podcast search engine, now lets you build a custom playlist of various podcast episodes. With Listen Later, you can build a list of episodes, which you can subscribe to in any podcast player, like Apple Podcasts or Stitcher.
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If you've been meaning to listen to all those excellent podcast episodes you've read about online, or want to finally get your best mate hooked on podcasts, Listen Notes has you covered with a handy playlist creation tool.
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Clipcast is a search engine for podcasts. You can enter a phrase, name, or topic and get targeted clips of audio from our available podcasts for your search. These clips can then be shared for quick reference.

We are starting out in a specific market, targeting fantasy football podcasts, but other topics will be added soon.

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We are building a smart note-taking mobile app that instantly transcribes audio, makes voice searchable and provides summary keywords for every conversation.

Free 7-day trial & $8/Month unlimited.

- Invite your friends to with a tweet and get 12 Months subscription for free

Richard Rizk
Richard Rizk
This is a great one but it's only iPhone/iPad. It does all the transcription for you instantly for every meeting/conversation and makes voice searchable
Richard Rizk
Richard Rizk
Great tool to keep track of meetings, get automatically meeting minutes and 1-click search to retrace any moment of a conversation.
Richard Rizk
Richard Rizk
Great tool to keep track of meetings, get automatically meeting minutes and 1-click search to retrace any moment of a conversation.
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Create quick markers during streaming or podcasting. Or use automatic voice reecognition. Application will save timestamps and later allow you export markers as shownotes with time markers or subtitles. SRT subtitles can be used in video mastering as markers.

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4 Alternatives to Stream Note
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