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LinkedIn Pulse for mobile

Your daily news, powered by your professional world

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Professional network to share industry news and analysis

Tarik Kurspahic- EVP Technology | CTO TeamData
Easily share what you are reading online
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Quibb is an awesome community of people in tech that love to share articles/news and learn from one another. @sandimac's done an awesome job curating and growing the community, and many people use it for the daily email alone.
Vinish Garg- Co-founder @mystippi @ContentHug
Quibb is another great tech newsletter for its variety and consistency in sharing news. I am The Hustle, Mattermark, Benedict Evans, Launch Ticker, along with Quibb too... for a long time now.
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News in your Chrome tab that learns your preferences

Get news right in your new tab. From over 70 sources all over the world, choose your news!

You don't have to remember and visit each and every news source now. Simple glance the top news from your favourite sources with an elegant and clean UI.

3 Alternatives to Rowe

How do you maximize exposure to your writing/blog?

Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
LinkedIn Pulse for mobile - Your daily news, powered by your professional world
"My honest advice is to thinking like a publisher - they worry about distribution, packaging and target audiences more than just the content… See more
HARO - PR opportunities sent 3x per day.
"It depends on how much SEO/work you want to, but HARO is a good way to submit for pieces that reporters or writers need help with and have … See more
Quuu Promote - Promote your content to influencers w/ curated content
"Quuu Promote will promote your content without appearing as an ad or sponsored post. It's shared by real people across real accounts"
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