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New LinkedIn iOS & Android app w/ new messaging & search

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7 alternative and related products to LinkedIn 9.0

UProc for LinkedIn is a Chrome Extension to power up your LinkedIn account for free. Get valuable professional data from any profile (connected or not connected with you) avoiding to check multiple external sources.

Miquel Colomer- CEO @ Killia Technologies, UProc
UProc for LinkedIn probably will help you to find out contact details of your future rockstar team for free.
9 Alternatives to UProc for LinkedIn

RealContacts is the first mobile app to use Artificial Intelligence to improve social skills in real life relationships with users' personal and professional networks. Real Contacts bridges a gap between merely connecting on social networks and creating meaningful real life interactions.

Have you ever wondered how much value a particular relationship actually had for you?
Apple Gazette
There is no denying that social networking has had a dramatic impact on life in the 21st century. On the one hand, it has helped us to improve communications with friends and family, although it is easy to argue that those interactions have become incredibly shallow in the process.
The Startup Magazine
At RealContacts, we believe that people and relationships matter more than social media connections. We have developed a new mobile app to improve in person relationships. We take connections people create on social media and provide a process for cultivating these relationships.
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Torre Bio 3.0

Grow, showcase and use your professional reputation

We released Torre Bio on Product Hunt a few months ago and received very valuable feedback from you. Because our goal is to build a professional genome that allows people to discover and unlock fulfilling professional opportunities, we’re thrilled to be back with a new version after weeks of experimenting. Do explore and let us know what you think!

Torre Blog
Recommendations make sense: we buy on Amazon, we pick restaurants, we hire professionals. While submitting recommendations for products, restaurants, or services is easier than ever, the same cannot be said for professionals. Recommendation letters are still the norm. Writing them takes time.
Torre Blog
It's not common for a 21-year old to be leading marketing efforts for a start-up business unit, part of a scale-up, operating globally, by an award-winning team of innovators. But more than being bragging material, this has humbled me to devote my energy and time building a product that allows anyone to find fulfilling professional opportunities, just like I… See more
7 Alternatives to Torre Bio 3.0

Sites to find beta users

Manuel Maccou
Ship by Product Hunt - A toolkit for makers to ship awesome products ⛵
"+1, possibly the best, most active community for beta testers."
LinkedIn 9.0 - New LinkedIn iOS & Android app w/ new messaging & search
"Possibly another way to go about this would be to look for relevant LinkedIn groups, reach out to people, post in groups and build a base o… See more
Reddit App - The official app for Android & iOS. Meow.
"Check Startups subreddit or Beta Testers subreddit"

What tools are the most helpful with the job search and/or networking?

Pavan Sethibuilding things.
The Muse - Curated career platform.
"These folks dispense career advice like no one else! Super helpful and effective tips on job hunting, and even living upto ones potential a… See more
LinkedIn 9.0 - New LinkedIn iOS & Android app w/ new messaging & search
"The obvious and the biggest network for professionals and job seekers."
Remote - Connecting 2 million+ professionals to remote jobs using AI.
"A matchmaking platform for remote jobs."

How do you reach out cold to a person you would like to talk to besides email and calling?

Miguel Hammond
LinkedIn 9.0 - New LinkedIn iOS & Android app w/ new messaging & search
"Reach out to them on LinkedIn!"

What are the best products for university students?

Kaleb Butt
Niftio - Complete presentation platform for professionals
"To create and deliver presentations *it's free if you're a student"
GitHub Student Developer Pack - The best developer tools, free for students.
"Everything within your reach with just your university domain email address. This is great."
Todoist 10 for iOS - A completely new Todoist for iOS
"Very useful!!"
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