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Lightsynth alternatives and competitors

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The first camera which supports mobile ADR - Adaptive Dynamic Range, Lightsynth lets you have done with all kinds of exposure trouble under various tricky lighting situations such as daylight skies, backlit, or low-light.

Today meet, https://lightfield.app

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  • Slide Camera

    A 3D Camera for the iPhone
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  • Custom exposure for your iPhone camera
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  • Fuzion

    Fuzion lets you take your portraits to the next level. Create stunning double exposures by blending your selfies with photos, adding overlays & more.

    Made possible by the powerful TrueDepth and dual cameras in newer iPhones, the app automatically detects a person's silhouette and cuts them out of the background.

    (requires iPhone 8+, X or newer)

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  • Heroshot is a new kind of smart camera app that enables you to take portrait "depth effect" photos with beautiful, blurred backgrounds automatically and instantly. Whether its a selfie or a portrait of a friend, HeroShot uses advanced AI and machine learning to give you the very best picture possible! Works for all devices on iOS 11

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    A very perfect app, don't change anything in it, don't add any filter or anything, this is just as beautiful minimalistic as much it is needโ€ฆ

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  • Anthem One

    We didn't invent the light. We perfected it.

    Smaller. Lighter. Safer. Variable light fields. Easier to use. Longer lasting. Less expensive. Anthem One will change everything youโ€™ve come to expect from professional lighting systems.

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  • Pictar

    Probably the best iPhone camera-grip ever built
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  • Snapheal

    Remove unwanted objects from photos
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