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11 alternative and related products to L'appel Eyewear

L'appel Eyewear

Affordable, hand-crafted sunglasses

11 Alternatives to L'appel Eyewear

The happiest lens + biodegradable frames made from plants 🌿

Whilst typical sunglasses block out the light with cold shade, our filtered lens transforms your view into a palm-tree-worthy paradise. So on top of things looking better, you’ll actually feel better when you wear them!

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Imagine if your sunglasses could just decompose, instead of going in the trash. This Scottish brand has the beginnings of a solution and Sir Richard Branson is a fan. Tens, a Glasgow-based startup launched on Indiegogo with an original fundraising goal of £10,000 (or $13,000), but they were blown away with the response, raising over £370,000 (approximately $… See more
Social media is undeniably a huge part of our lives, increasingly it is our lives. As part of Generation Experience (a more optimistic label than Generation Rent by a mile), our lives appear to be carefully curated feeds filled with snaps of aspirational holidays and impossibly beautiful people.
Working with light psychology expert Karl Ryberg Tens have been able to pinpoint the impact their warm amber hue lenses have on an individual's mood. According to Ryberg the orange hues are representative of sunsets, when blue visible light is essentially removed from sunlight, leaving an orange-red wavelength band of 600-700nm.
7 Alternatives to Tens Sunglasses

King Children delivers affordable, custom-fit, 3D printed eyewear for anybody with a face using your iPhone's built-in face scanner.

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Eyewear can be a statement-making, attention-grabbing fashion accessory - if done right. King Children, a custom eyewear startup emerging from stealth today, aims to give everyone unique, custom designs made for them, by them. Harnessing the power of 3D scanning and printing technology, in ad...
There's a new kind of customization trend taking hold, and the key is already in everyone's pockets and purses. Advances in mobile technology are driving a wave of personalized products. Smartphones have become so powerful, and their cameras so good, that they can do much more than take selfies and fill an Instagram feed.
New York Business Journal
Even though N.Y.C. is home to WeWork (valued at $35 billion), which signs leases and rents office space to businesses, and real estate brokerage Compass (valued at north of $4 billion), observers say the city has been slow to embrace emerging "proptech" innovators.
King Children is an eyewear brand whose services aim to disrupt the customization process, implementing virtual try-on and 3D printing techniques that let consumers design frames tailored to their unique face A startup based in Brooklyn, New York recently launched a customizable eyewear capability that can fit frames to every face, celebrating everyone's uni… See more
Generation Z is all about individuality and customization, and according to studies 55% of Gen Z'ers rather have the ability to design products that nobody owns. King Children is the latest eyewear company - powered by 3D printing technology- that is giving full design power to consumers.
King Children is a new eyewear brand that has recently launched that creates custom frames that'll fit every face. Via its iOS app, users go through a realistic virtual try-on experience, after which you go into personalization, including the size of frame, lens height, lens width, nose bridge, frame wrap, nose pad position, temple length and pantoscopic til… See more
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