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A personal music streaming server that works

7 Alternatives to Koel

Any song. One tap away.

Amaël Sikel
Amaël Sikel- Android developer
First app I install, no matter what the device is. Using it from morning to night. Home, commute, work... It's always on.
Kate- Head of Social @ GitHub
This is my favorite app of all time. I've tried what seems like every music app on the market, but Spotify is BY FAR the best one I've found. From discovery to playlist creation / listening, it's perfection! I recommend it to everyone (and totally judge anyone who isn't already on the platform).
Jakub Rogalski
Jakub Rogalski- Community Manager at Brand24
After thinking about this question for a couple of minutes, I figured it has to be Spotify. I listen to music at home, on the way to work and at work as well and it's just so convenient to have it all in one place, whether it's on my phone or computer. From the professional standpoint, it would have to be It's a web monitoring tool I u… See more
5 Alternatives to Spotify

Your favorite music livestreams in one place

Vibent is a social platform for music producers & creators to livestream and share their own tracks and playlists. Users can discover new artists by filtering by category.

Tune in and chill 😌, chat with others 💬, or work on your next launch 🚀 while listening to your favorite music livestreams.

4 Alternatives to Vibent

Curated indie music from Bandcamp is a simple site with curated music from bandcamp. TBH its my first attempt at developing a website from scratch (frontend + javascript). Hope there's more to come and things get bigger and better with lessons learnt from each project! :D

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