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7 alternative and related products to Klib

Kindle & iBooks Highlights Manager

7 Alternatives to Klib

The best way to remember your ebooks & articles 📚

Readwise makes it easy to revisit the best parts of what you read 🤓

Here's how it works:

- Sync your highlights from Kindle, iBooks, Instapaper, or Highly

- Review the best parts easily through a daily email, web, or mobile

- Retain more from your ebooks/articles

You'll actually use your highlights, and get the most out of your reading 🚀

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Effortlessly rediscover and organize your Kindle highlights

Readwise sends you a daily email which helps you retain & organize your Kindle highlights effortlessly ✨ Resurface, categorize, and actually remember the lessons from books you read.

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The founders of new Silicon Valley startup, Readwise, want to help non-fiction e-book readers "read better, read more, and forget less". The pitch Readwise is new publishing software that helps non-fiction e-readers to harness their unused reading data (such as notes and highlights) to get more out of ebooks.
10 Alternatives to Readwise Beta

Host all your digital reads in one place

Put your digital books, magazines and comics onto our Cloud Bookcase. Manage as you please and read on your devices, for FREE. Nimbooks supports popular formats as epub, mobi, pdf, cbr/cbz, fb2, lit, azw and acsm, on both e-ink readers and mobile devices. (still Beta: works on desktop Chrome only)

Short video here:

Nick Lekuona
Nick Lekuona- Chief Reader at Nimbooks.
Been working on Nimbooks since 2012 now. Project started as a pure B2C product but, as it evolved, it became evident that it was not the right approach in order to provide resources to maintain the platform, so started moving towards B2B. Being alone on the project means everything takes much longer, so after this time finally managed to find the balance bet… See more
10 Alternatives to Nimbooks

Organize the notes you make on your Kindle

Aleksandra- Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls
Really easy to import/export your notes and highlights, organize them, share, etc. Also works across different devices.
4 Alternatives to Clippings

A Chrome Extension to remind you of your kindle notes.

Gustav is a platform that will help you remember your kindle book notes by sending them in a daily email. The chrome extension runs whenever you visit, so you decide which books you want to store on our side. We use these notes to send you mails that make sense.

5 Alternatives to Gustav

Save & review highlights from Kindle & Web pages

Booxia helps with learning and remembering, by using science-proven methods: spaced repetition, active recalls & cloze deletion tests. You can easily clip paragraphs or entire pages from the web using a browser extension, or import your Kindle highlights.

5 Alternatives to Booxia
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