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Kemento alternatives and competitors

Kemento is a way to store your memories, for yourself, your partner and your family. Store more than just a photo or video, include when, where and who you were with.

Top alternatives for Kemento

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  • Memory by Timely

    An intelligent timeline of everything you did in a day.

    Started using this product in Aug17. By Oct17 stopped functioning. Unable to collect, download data, export, etc. Pretty UX interface just d…

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  • Snapchat Memories

    Save and search for snaps on Snapchat
  • Timehop 4.0

    Celebrate the best moments of the past with your friends
  • Live Memories

    Create instant movies from your Live Photos. Just select the photos you want to group and get back a short video memory.

    Live Memories supports exporting in three aspect ratios to accomodate all social networks. Overlapping photos are automatically detected and the overlap is removed.

  • Memorink

    The missing part of Facebook
  • Cinebody Memories

    Cinebody Memories is a way to preserve your loved one's memories with video stories. A Denver-based startup, it helped a friend record his dad's stories after a cancer diagnosis: A gift that's great for the holidays, and lasts not just one lifetime, but many.

  • Text Memories

    The simplest way to journal life's special moments
  • Day.ly

    Day.ly is a social video community built to capture raw 15s clips to then rearrange, edit, and share a more thought out video. Follow your friends and content creators to watch different types of vides you love.
  • Facebook Memories

    Similar to the 'On This Day' feature, Facebook Memories now also lets you see when you became friends with someone, seasonal/monthly recaps, and memories you might have missed.

  • Novestic

    Novestic is a visual storybook of your life. Create and keep your life story in one place.

  • Jarme

    Jarme is a unique, colourful and Cross-platform diary/journal app. It's currently available on Android, iOS, Web, Desktop (Mac & Linux for now, windows on the way).
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  • Timeflower

    Timeflower is a simple tool for your photo library. It supports iPhone and iPad.
    • On this day: View your photos taken on this day throughout the years. Today's news is yesterday once more.
    • Favorites: The best photos, curated by one and only you.
  • Memori Lane by Trunx

    Push pictures/memories from the past to Apple Watch screen
  • Forevernote

    Forevernote is an easy, convenient, and affordable way for everyone to preserve and share their life stories as keepsake quality books to be enjoyed by family and friends for generations to come.