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Kanbanize alternatives and competitors

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Kanbanize was born out of necessity for higher productivity and efficiency.

Top alternatives for Kanbanize

Workflows by Anvil
No-code PDF automation for all, webform meets PDF & e-sign
  • Tara AI 1.0

    Tara AI is designed to help teams move faster in product development. Run weekly sprints and planned release cycles on-time. Now in open beta.
  • Tara AI 2.0

    11 reviews
    Define, plan & track mission-critical product updates with Tara AI.
    Get instant insights into code progress. Tara AI is lightning-fast project management that helps teams ship product, with tasks, sprints & docs tied to code. Now with built-in automation.
  • Restyaboard

    An open source alternative to Trello
  • Trelloist

    1 review

    Trelloist is a Kanban board for Todoist that lets you create, manage and track your Todoist tasks on a full-screen Kanban board.

    Trelloist is serverless and talks directly to the Todoist API meaning your tasks stay private and everything is synced with all your Todoist apps securely and instantly.

    You can say it's like an upgraded version of Trello. I'm considering moving my working space from Trello to this one as its interface looks …

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  • Kaiten

    Kaiten is the visual tool, which helps you to see all you work processes on one space, identify bottlenecks, problems, relationships and find ways to optimize your work processes, improve collaboration and whole company effectiveness.

    Kaiten is based on Kanban method, but support any agile or non-agile workflow.

    Powerful charts are included!

    I worked with Kaiten two years, before I became the part of Kaiten team. It's trully AGILE tool. You can visualize any workflow in seconds.

  • Todo Kanban Board

    - Manage tasks with TODO.md format - a plain text markdown file.
    - The syntax is compatible with Github Markdown.
    - TODO.md file is portable and can be committed with Pull Requests (PRs) to git repositories.
    - Support custom file name, multiple task lists.
  • Tidily

    1 review

    Simple yet multi-functional todo webapp.

    from todo lists to daily kanban to color coding..we've got you covered..for free!

    Been playing around with it and it is very flexible and adaptable. The UI is lovely to look at as well. There are not many simple task manag…

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  • jKanban

    jKanban is a Javascript plugin that allow you to create and manage Kanban Board or to-do lists in your project!

    It's easy to use and highly customizable.

  • Kanban Boards by Crowdsourcer.io

    1 review
    Create your MVPs, games, apps (+ more) quicker and easier with the introduction of Kanban boards to Crowdsourcer.io. Boost your team's productivity with the highly visible, infinitely customisable boards and lists you've been asking us for.
  • WorkonFlow

    2 reviews

    WorkonFlow is a platform which combines all the ways you communicate with your team and customers in a single interface. Plan your projects and processes with Kanban board, automate your work with bots, and organize your team.

    Bots, crm, project management, pbx, chats!

  • Squadlytics Beta

    Teams can now use a lot of tools to build products but it can be hard to get an overview of projects and know what's going on.

    Squadlytics produces opinionated metrics to help you keep the pulse on your project and address issues early.

    We just opened our beta today with support for Jira, Bitbucket, Github. We'd be super happy to see you join!

  • Taskomat

    Set, track and achieve your financial goals with the world's first ROI management platform built for freelancers.