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Jumpshare for Mac

Jumpshare for Mac alternatives and competitors

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Incredibly fast, real-time file sharing

Top alternatives for Jumpshare for Mac

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Send by Firefox

    Firefox Send lets you send large files, up to 1gb completely for free and encrypted
  • Lingo

    Lingo is a tool for building and sharing digital asset libraries like style guides, UI component libraries and photo libraries. Teams use Lingo to establish a shared design language, which automates consistency and increases efficiency.

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  • Blaze

    Blaze allows you to share files across multiple devices on the web. No registrations required, start sharing files instantly by joining rooms.
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  • Dropbox for Gmail

    Dropbox without leaving Gmail
  • Jumpshare for Windows

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    Incredibly fast, real-time file sharing

    Excellent customer service, not just a file-sharing website but tons of features you would love

  • Upthere

    Upthere is transforming the personal storage market by providing a new and better way to keep, find, and share what's important and meaningful.

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  • DeskConnect

    Move anything between your devices with a tap.
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  • ShareX

    ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key. It also allows uploading images, text or other types of files to over 80 supported destinations you can choose from.

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  • Bundler

    Zipping and easy sharing come to iOS
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  • Tresorit 3.0

    End-to-end encrypted file sync & sharing for your team
  • Filestage 2.0

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    Share files & collaborate on PDF's, videos, images & audio

    The pricing for a combination collaboration and file sharing system is prohibitively high. I'm sorry.

  • Dropshare 5

    Free options
    Upload screen shots, screen recordings, files, literally anything and share it immediately with anyone by link. Dropshare is your go-to file sharing tool on macOS and iOS that works with almost any popular storage provider and self-hosted solutions.
  • SendFileOnline

    Now send file online without email or signup, it's super easy to share any files type till 1GB with this, just upload files and it will generate 6 digit code, use that to downloads file. No Spam. No Phone.. No Email.
    Share files with 6 digit code
  • 5 Minute Storage

    Temporary file sharing service
  • Fladrop

    Fladrop is a web app for share files between mobile and desktop without installing any plugin or application.
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  • Macaw

    Macaw is a simple tool which contains [Checklist-Communication tool-Q&A- Agreement list] that helps you to:

    - Clearly define goals with your client.

    - Instantly update project progress to your client.

    - Increase ability in acquiring output after any conversation for better time utilization.

    Currently in Beta version and available on web

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  • ScoutDocs

    ScoutDocs adds secure file-sharing to WordPress. Files are stored safely in the cloud, and when you share them, the e-mail notification is delivered by the ScoutDocs service, so you'll know it'll arrive. You can assign files to people by e-mail address or existing WordPress account, or create groups of people and send files to the group.

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  • Binfer

    Binfer is an integrated suite of file sharing, sync, file upload and chat. With Binfer you can seamlessly share files, synchronize data, and chat without the middleman.

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  • Oficloud

    Hybrid between a centralized and decentralized system.

    You get a device to install at your office which co-administers your encryption keys.

    Every operation is verified by each the central server and the device at your office.

    Hacking only one of them doesn't compromise the security.

    Share files and messages with full control of your privacy.

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  • Crosssec

    Cross-platform cloud storage solution with unique encryption
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