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JSconsole alternatives and competitors

0 reviews
Load external JS libraries in your favorite console

Top alternatives for JSconsole

  • Lax.js 2.0

    2 reviews
    Lax.js is a javascript library for creating animations from user inputs, such as scrolling, mouse moving, text inputs + more. Lax.js 2.0 has been re-written with a focus on modularity and flexibility giving you the tools to create even better animations.
  • Libscore

    Scans web sites to collect stats on JavaScript library usage
  • Lozad.js

    1 review


    - is a light-weight library, just 569 bytes minified & gzipped,

    - has NO DEPENDENCIES :)

    - works performantly using pure JavaScript.

    It is written with an aim to lazy load images, ads, videos or any other element using the recently added Intersection Observer API with tremendous performance benefits.

    Great util. We use Lozad in multiple production environments.

  • Moiva.io

    A simple visual comparison of JS libraries side by side.
    All the metrics in one place - NPM downloads, Google Trends, Contributors, Releases, Commits, Bundle size, etc.
    Easy to use, easy to compare.
    The best tool to find the best alternative to a library.
  • Kafka Socks

    Kafka Socks is an easy-to-use and lightweight framework that combines Kafka consumer functionality with WebSockets to pipe the Kafka messages directly to the frontend client, in realtime.
  • JsDiff

    JsDiff aims to solve the problem of unbiased up-to-date side by side visual comparison of javascript frameworks and libraries.
    Multiple metrics and data sources like Github, NPM, Google Trends, ThoughtWorks Tech Radar.
    More metrics and data sources to come