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Safe cloud storage

Jottacloud is a Norwegian based company for files storage and syncing files between devices. Really easy to use. Besides files they focus on photos and have really nice photo app.

11 Alternatives to Jottacloud

Firefox Send lets you send large files, up to 1gb completely for free and encrypted

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Firefox Send has exited beta and is no longer an experiment. The service allows you to send download links that are set to automatically expire after a certain period of time, or after a set number of people have downloaded them.
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We are a subscription service that can download most of the things and send them to your TV's and mobile devices.

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What happens when the sh*t hits the fan? Your company gets hacked, your users' data "disappears", your service is disrupted at the wrong time. How do you prevent your customers from churning?
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Ever seen the movie The Rundown with Dwayne Johnson playing a retrieval expert? I think that was a great movie. A retrieval expert. What a nice job. Even better if you have someone to do it for you. On the Internet, you ain't got no Dwayne Johnson. Here, you got
TorrentFreak is a brand new service that allows users to download torrent files at blazing speeds to a remote server. Once finished, users can download the files to their home computers or stream video files directly to their Internet browser or media player. Two hundred lucky TorrentFreak readers can get invites to the beta.
ZDNet is a website that downloads torrents for you. You are probably asking, "Why do I need a website to download torrents for me when I can just save them on my computer?" The answer is simple, everything is moving to the cloud, especially media.
It's services like that are behind why Google executives argue desktops will be irrelevant in three years, why Steve Ballmer says Microsoft is betting the bank on the cloud, and why storage stats for the newest gadget are becoming less and less important.Everything is going to the cloud.
Turkey] Until now, there's been a lot of chatter about in the Turkish tech scene - but no-one had seen it. Today they've let us in to have a look at the service. So imagine a service that downloads files from Rapidshare for you, then saves them on your 50GB account....
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Block Photos is a photo album that stores your photos encrypted on a storage provider of your choosing.

The Blockstack authentication and storage encryption makes sure only you can access your photos. The perfect solution if your privacy is important to you!

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File Ark lets you archive your old and/or large files/folders to cloud storage and save space on your computer. It features a clean interface and drag n' drop functionality for transferring your files.

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