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18 alternative and related products to Jotengine

Turn your audio into easy to use transcripts
18 Alternatives to Jotengine

Google's new service built for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Live Transcribe is a new accessibility service built by Google for the deaf and hard of hearing. Using Google's state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition technology, Live Transcribe performs real-time transcription of speech to text on your screen, so you can participate in conversations going on in the world around you.

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Live Transcribe is fairly self-explanatory. The interface is very simple -- as soon as the app launches, it'll begin transcribing, with large white text on a black background. You can also flip this to black text on a white background by disabling the Dark Theme and the font size can be adjusted too.
Just yesterday during the Super Bowl, Google took out an ad to go over how Translate helps users around the world to better understand their surroundings and communicate. Today, Google is announcing two new accessibility features for Android users who are deaf or hard of hearing with Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier.
Android Police - Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets
Google's focus on making Android more accessible has been evident - it opened last year's I/O keynote with morse code input on Gboard. In addition to that, Android Pie brought with it an array of new accessibility features, letting motor-impaired users easily jump to nine common interactions on their phones.
The Verge
Two new features for Android phones could be a big help for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Live Transcribe automatically writes out what people are saying, and Sound Amplifier acts as a sort of hearing aid on your phone.
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Convert your speech, podcasts and videos to text.

Spext is the easiest way to convert and share your audio - speech, podcasts and videos to text

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Explore the software, services, and tools that Spext uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
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Automatic transcripts for podcasters

Podscripter automates podcast transcription. Each time you post we grab your episode, transcribe it, and email you a transcript within 24 hours. You can also give us a file before it's live if you'd like to have a transcript when you post.

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Convert any text content on a WordPress site into audio 🎧

Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech. With dozens of voices across a variety of languages, you can select the ideal voice and build engaging speech-enabled applications that work in many different countries. This plugin shows how WordPress creators can easily add Text-to-Speech capabilities to written content.

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Amazon Web Services
I first told you about in late 2016 in my post Amazon Polly - Text to Speech in 47 Voices and 24 Languages. After that launch, we added support for Korean, five new voices, and made Polly available in all Regions in the aws partition.
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Accurate transcription and translation for video pros

Auto transcribe and translate your audio & video in minutes and in 90+ languages with speech recognition and advanced AI (website, Mac/PC app, or on-prem solution).

Then edit the transcript like a Google doc and export it to your NLE post production software (FCP X, Adobe Premiere, Avid MC) and MS Word while preserving timecode and framerate.

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Simon Says | Transcription
Swift, accurate transcription is crucial for numerous industries such as news, research, radio, and legal. Since our inception, we have worked to eliminate many of the barriers (i.e. variable costs, slow turnaround, and quality) standing between great transcription and the people who need it. However, one problem remained: there is a large bias towards Engli… See more
Simon Says | Transcription
Whether you are getting your audio and video files transcribed the old-fashioned way (manual transcription) or through a modern service like, uh hem, Simon Says (swift, automated transcription), the quality of the audio is directly correlated with the accuracy of its transcript and this is especially true when using speech recognition.
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Recorded and transcribed calls for team collaboration

A simple and flexible collaboration service, aimed at enabling all types of business conversations.

Auto-transcribed calls, instant messaging, video and file sharing are integrated into a single interface that you control.

Setup an organization for a 7-day trial of recording and transcription. PH users contact support for free trial extension.

Yiliya Tang
Yiliya Tang
Sounds good! I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing. ^_^
Venetia Lipscombe
Venetia Lipscombe- Product Manager,
We've been working on for around 2 years now (we launched officially last November) and it's not going too badly, although I'd say more challenging than we imagined! None of us are marketing oriented so we've spent the last few months learning a lot and catching up with this side of things. Currently experimenting with some new messaging (around tra… See more
Antony Bearpark
Antony Bearpark- Graphic and Web Designer
You can choose who you want to join in the conversation. You can hold a call with specific members and have the ability to replay the call by anyone in the chat. Calls are automatically transcribed so you can search through the system later to find what was said in a specific call.
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When talking to people about, I have been asked the same question "If is such a good idea, why have you only just got round to building it?" While solutions to create recordings and transcriptions of your meetings already exist, these existing methods are expensive, time-consuming and may even disrupt the balance of power within your compan… See more
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Transcription: $1/min, 99% accuracy, and FAST

Rev is the world's leading English transcription provider.

Ryan Shook
Ryan Shook- Creative Director
Not an editor but at $1/minute it's been a very valuable timesaver.
Gregor Nobis
Gregor Nobis- Full time product enthusiast
Not sure what you mean by "fully automated", "cheaply", "and fast" - but Rev is a pretty good option.
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A Telegram bot which converts audio into Google Docs

@Flumen_robot - is a simple telegram bot which convert your audio into text and put in your google documents. And it's super easy to switch between languages and docs. It supports 6 languages.
300 seconds free transcoding time.

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