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11 alternative and related products to Joplins Sunglasses

Joplins Sunglasses
Eco-friendly sunglasses with lifetime guarantee 🌿♻️ 👓☀️😎

The morning jog on the beach has just become more eco-friendly. The new Wayfarer sunglasses by Joplins, are made from lightweight and floatable bamboo fibers. They are nearing their production date on Indiegogo, and everyone is invited to share and join in this initiative to spread positive vibes all around. Super light and strong, for life.

11 Alternatives to Joplins Sunglasses

Re-imagining CPG to eliminate single-use plastic packaging

Blueland is re-imagining CPG to eliminate single-use plastic packaging. We're starting with proprietary cleaners sold as the Clean Up Kit: 3 Forever Bottles, 3 different nickel-sized tablets. They're 300x lighter, 200x smaller and $2/refill. Fill, drop, clean!

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Fast Company
If you quickly scan through the products under your sink-counter spray, window cleaner, dish soap-they all have one thing in common: Water is their main ingredient. Until now, few consumers thought this was a problem. But as a growing number of people become increasingly aware of both climate change and plastic pollution, the outsize environmental impact of … See more
When Sarah Paiji Yoo first learned that microplastics - tiny particles of broken down plastic - are polluting the food we eat and water we drink, she was stunned. Recent studies have shown that not only are there more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the world's oceans, but also that microplastics can be found in just about everything we consume, includi… See more
Sarah Paiji had the idea to launch the eco-friendly refillable cleaning supply retailer Blueland after hearing about the abundance of microplastics in the water she was using to dilute her child's baby formula. Paiji wanted to cut back on her plastic consumption, and reduce her contribution t...
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The happiest lens + biodegradable frames made from plants 🌿

Whilst typical sunglasses block out the light with cold shade, our filtered lens transforms your view into a palm-tree-worthy paradise. So on top of things looking better, you’ll actually feel better when you wear them!

You can read 1200+ real reviews from our wonderful customers on TrustPilot:

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Imagine if your sunglasses could just decompose, instead of going in the trash. This Scottish brand has the beginnings of a solution and Sir Richard Branson is a fan. Tens, a Glasgow-based startup launched on Indiegogo with an original fundraising goal of £10,000 (or $13,000), but they were blown away with the response, raising over £370,000 (approximately $… See more
Social media is undeniably a huge part of our lives, increasingly it is our lives. As part of Generation Experience (a more optimistic label than Generation Rent by a mile), our lives appear to be carefully curated feeds filled with snaps of aspirational holidays and impossibly beautiful people.
Working with light psychology expert Karl Ryberg Tens have been able to pinpoint the impact their warm amber hue lenses have on an individual's mood. According to Ryberg the orange hues are representative of sunsets, when blue visible light is essentially removed from sunlight, leaving an orange-red wavelength band of 600-700nm.
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The reusable smart straw alternative to plastic 🥤

The elo smart straw was created to drive awareness to reusable straw alternatives. ELO stands for the earth land and ocean. As an entrepreneur I want to do my best. I created elo from aluminum anodized metal. I created an app that will educate and break the habit of straw use and will with the support of community make elo a message for change!

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ELO is a reusable aluminum straw alternative that comes with a mobile app that raises awareness about the scourge of plastic pollution. - [currently $0 ...
Steemit is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content. It leverages a robust digital points system (Steem) for digital rewards.
reusable straw - ELO - which is an acronym for 'Earth, Land, Ocean,' is a reusable straw that provides an alternative to wasteful single-use plast...
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Affordable non-toxic home products delivered

Society is a members-only marketplace offering a variety of home and personal care products, at cost, without any retail price markups. "We believe you shouldn’t pay more to use natural, healthy products for your body and home."

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Society is a Los Angeles-based startup that is making it easier to clean by selling natural household and personal care products, beautifully designed, and, all at cost. They have everything from a natural carpet stain remover, to a multi-insect killer, to even a hand-woven ayate washcloth, all sold at cost, without the price markup.
Finding quality, non-toxic cleaning products is a challenge. *Especially* when the seemingly endless options out there are unaffordable, unappealing, or both. The team behind Society, a members-only marketplace, is here to change just that. Their online store is revolutionizing the way you shop for basics by providing access to responsible, inexpensive, and … See more
Fast Company
Imagine a world where you didn't hide away your carpet stain remover or insect killing spray because they're just too ugly. Society, a new marketplace for green home cleaning products that launches today, is designing bottles that its founders hope customers won't want to hide under the kitchen sink.
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