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With Jolly, being a freelancer or gig worker doesn’t mean building a career alone: Jolly helps you grow your network & reputation so you can find more opportunities. Jolly’s also a middleman-free marketplace to hire/get hired: we never take a cut, from anyone.
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The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • We craft quality blog content that gets ranked on search engines, so that startup founders can focus on building great products. 😊

    With Publoft, writer can focus on just writing great post. All other things all are handled by Publoft so writer doesn't need to manage any …

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  • Namos Market

    The Namos Market allows freelancers to list their services at it's true value. Regulated listing prices assure freelancers are able to sell their services at prices they deserve!
  • Taskbar

    4 reviews
    To become the first fully autonomous, self-sovereign gig-economy platform that is gamified to cater to the needs of all users. The goal is to support mass financial inclusion through a borderless marketplace of tasks for users via a trustless web3.0 ecosystem.
  • Remotela is a freelance marketplace with Zero commission on earnings.

    There are several freelance websites out there taking a 10 - 20 % commission on the earnings of the freelancer apart from charging a monthly fee. Remotela is a Zero commission marketplace.

    For Indian users, UPI is used as a payment method to avoid payment gateway charges.

    Are developers begger - come on remotela growup

  • Drum

    Drum revolutionizes today's gig economy. Earn money. Be your own boss.
    Earn money by promoting businesses to your network. Simply select an offer, find people who would love and purchase the product or service, and get paid!
  • ArbeitBot

    Opensource freelance market driven by community