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10 alternative and related products to ipiit


Scan food products to check for allergens

10 Alternatives to ipiit

Scan barcodes to avoid buying stuff from evil companies

Buycott's website & native apps have become the #1 place where consumers get trustworthy guidance and 'vote with their wallet'. Users select and share social impact issues and personal causes they really care about. Then when they scan product barcodes (or search), they see whether to 'avoid' or 'support' that product.

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Predict and prevent your allergies and asthma

Sensio AIR is a mobile app that enables users to predict, prevent and manage their asthma and allergy symptoms. Through data collection, artificial intelligence and unique algorithms. Sensio AIR provides sufferers with tailored information and expert advice to help them keep their symptoms at bay. Sensio AIR is available on the App Store now!

Cyrille Najjar
Cyrille Najjar-
Really helped with my allergic asthma, I get warning before my symptoms, and get to know where the symptoms come from. I get plenty of hayfever and pollen allergies
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8 Alternatives to Sensio Air

A simple food substitutes finder

The Story: I created this project 2 years ago when I found the need for s simple and a fast way to find food substitutes, wether it's for allergic or diet reasons

we all have been there where we're out of a particular ingredient, would go look for other substitutes online and would end up reading long pages and don't get what we where looking for!

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Check if food products are compatible with your diet.

Chomp is a project that I've been working on for the last 3 1/2 months. The idea is to create a search portal where people with diet needs can look up products and see if they're compatible with their lifestyle.

Users can create lists of their favorite products, write and read reviews, and customize the ingredients they want to avoid.

8 Alternatives to Chomp

Digital allergy calendars customized for your city. 📅 👌

Callergy is a simple tool that shows you what allergens are in the air in your city across an entire year.

Our digital allergy calendars help you keep your allergies in check. 📅

Our monthly forecasts and handpicked products help you stay healthy. 😃

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Callergy gives you customized digital allergy calendars for your city. The inspiration: five miserable years in Austin, Texas. The town rocked but the allergens in the air were brutal! I assumed I was sick and actually thought I might have a life threatening disease. Turns out it was my allergies.
callergy - Though allergy season tends to be similar at the broadest level, allergy seasons are in reality highly local and specific, and Callergy is a tool t...
5 Alternatives to Callergy

Offline translator for people allergic to peanuts

Peanut Allergy is a deadly simple app to inform food-makers of your peanut allergy while traveling abroad. Type a country, and get the translation of "I am allergic to Peanuts". Done. Main fact: works OFFLINE. I am allergic to peanuts, and I had been looking for such a tool for quite a while so I built it myself. I am very open to suggestions !!!

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5 Alternatives to Peanut Allergy

Vendors get paid for only products they sell

Shelf Engine eliminates waste for grocery/food retailers by managing their inventory. Using better demand forecasting with machine learning and robust data collection, Shelf Engine guarantees sales for retailers and cuts their waste in half. The company has 200+ customers incl. WeWork, University of Washington, Bartell Drugs, and Ballast Coffee.

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While running Molly's, the Seattle-based ready meal wholesaler he founded, Stefan Kalb was upset about its 28 percent food wastage rate. Feeling that the amount was "astronomical," he began researching how to lower it - and was shocked to discovered Molly's was actually outperforming the industry a...
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