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The social app to inspire your creative writing

4 Alternatives to Inkvite

Free your creative mind to experience pure writing flow

Paul Sturrock
Paul Sturrock- Slingshot Venture Development
I have a workflow rather than one tool. I start the day by free writing 750 words of "morning pages" (google Julia Cameron if you want to know more) on ilys. It sounds strange but the inability to see your writing as you type, and not being allowed to backspace means that you are more likely to write honestly and with energy. I really recommend trying it bef… See more
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A simple and fun plot outline tool for fiction writers.

Story Stork tries to make the process of plotting standard story beats (taken from concepts like 'the story clock' and 'Save the Cat!') in an early draft easy and fun.

You get to roll through creating an outline with a chat-like UI (thx to Product Hunt veteran BotUI), complete with the story of Titanic retold through GIFs to help illustrate each plot point.

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Write and publish your memoir easily

Memoir Share makes it easy to write and publish your memoir to give to family, friends, and interested parties. Every one of us has lived a life filled with adventures and stories worth preserving and sharing with those that matter.

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I recently built Memoir Share, a site which makes it easy to write and publish a memoir which you can give to your family, friends, and anybody interested. I'll describe the product itself and the reasons behind why I built it.
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Explore and write collaborative branched stories

Would you create a technological civilization? Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? Would you survive in desert? What adventures can you create? What will happen next?

* Explore stories

* Write what happens next

* Use automatic reading (text to speech) if you play with friends

Feedback is welcome!

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