Alternative products to Infura

5 alternative and related products to Infura


Ethereum node as an API

First-time Đapps makers learn the hard way that downloading and syncing the Ethereum blockchain sucks. Infura builds blockchain infrastructure and provides API calls so you can develop and run your Đapps without hosting your own node. This literally will save you DAYS.

5 Alternatives to Infura

Your blockchain interface

Christopher Leach
Christopher Leach- Programmer and Student
For a mobile wallet I 100% recommend jaxx just backup!!!!
Dillon Raphael
Stores keys on the device rather than in the cloud. Integration with
Pavan Sethi
Pavan Sethi- building things.
Jaxx is probably the most popular wallet if you're looking for both a well-designed desktop and mobile app. They currently have the higher cap assets and are continually adding more. It has a pretty intuitive UI for new users.
10 Alternatives to Jaxx

Highly scalable blockchain infrastructure for Ethereum

Elph is building highly scalable blockchain infrastructure. Our network of layer-2 Plasma sidechains increases the transaction throughput on Ethereum to over 5,000 transactions per second, enabling users to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies, interact in real-time with decentralized apps, and execute smart contracts at high speed and low cost.

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Today, we're excited to announce the testnet launch of Elph! At Elph, we're building critical infrastructure to solve the blockchain scalability problem. Blockchain applications have been touted to...
6 Alternatives to Elph Plasma
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