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Autogenerates a table of contents on long Medium articles.

Indices is an extension for Chrome that makes a table of contents on Medium articles using the headings in it. You can click on the sections in the sidebar to skip around the article with ease.

Source code: Github

Articles from the gallery:

* Sleep: Everything You Need To Know

* A basic introduction to debugging Vue applications using breakpoints

7 Alternatives to Indices

Easily create a 'Table Of Contents' for your Medium article.

Medium TOC is an easy way to add a table of contents to your medium article. Just enter a link to the article and hit go, and your contents will be generated. Then, just copy and paste the table of contents into your Article.

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Many of you have probably seen this post about how to link to parts of your Medium article. You may have also seen this chrome extension, which makes the process simpler. Well, you can do one better. This is how to create a table of contents for your medium article, automatically.
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A leaderboard of the top publications on Medium ✍️

Smedian tracks 8,835 Medium publications and ranks them by their number of followers so that you can find the right ones to read and publish with. If you find one you like, you can request to contribute via Smedian.

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The Writing Cooperative
As you know, Medium is growing fast and so are the publications built upon it. As a writer, you know that distribution is important if you want your stories read. As a reader, you may want to discover stories from the biggest names on the platform.
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