Alternative products to iBand+

4 alternative and related products to iBand+


EEG headband that aims to help you sleep and dream

4 Alternatives to iBand+

A magical light for better sleep

Most lights keep us up. Even bedroom lighting. That’s why we made Glow—a light that helps us wind down naturally for better, deeper sleep.

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The Glow is in the shape of a 5-inch tall, 3-inch wide rounded cylinder. It's portable, so it can be carried around with you. Or it can be set in a charging base, ideally on your bedside table.
Over the past few years, mattress company Casper has expanded its product lineup to include everything from dog beds to nap pillows. (It's also opened its own nap store.) The latest addition: the Glow, an $89 light. While the company has never made this kind of Internet-connected hardware bef...
5 Alternatives to Casper Glow

AI music scientifically designed for sleep

Built with science: applies research from over 100 journal articles on music psychology & sleep

New music every time: never repeats, boring or distracting

DIY music builder: create music based on your choice of instruments & sounds

Thomas Dickson
Thomas Dickson
I'm the founder of Can't Sleep and I personally use this app every night. I was able to improve my sleep quality despite being a good sleeper by 7% (measured using pillow). "I just turn on the app, press play and I can't remember falling asleep" - Raissa Martin (Australian Paralympian)
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Can't Sleep App
We just launched our app Can't Sleep on product hunt. Can't Sleep composes endless relaxing music scientifically designed to help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. What is product hunt? Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products, every day.
12 Alternatives to Can't Sleep
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