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5 alternative and related products to Hutoma AI

Hutoma AI

A marketplace to create and monetize deep learning chatbots

5 Alternatives to Hutoma AI

Deep learning platform built for developers

Gradient° is a suite of tools for exploring data and training neural networks. Gradient° includes 1-click Jupyter notebooks, a powerful job runner, and a python module to run any code on a fully managed GPU cluster in the cloud. Gradient is also rolling out full support for Google's new TPUv2 accelerator to power even more newer workflows.

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Share to email Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Share to google I cover Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Paperspace, a Brooklyn-based startup has launched an AI PaaS offering called Gradient.
Building a GPU-fueled infrastructure service is not a simple matter for a startup to undertake, but that's precisely what Paperspace has set out to do. Today, it took it to the next level when it announced Gradient, a service platform that eliminates the need to deploy servers for AI and machine learning projects.
6 Alternatives to Gradient°

You've built a fantastic chatbot, users love it, now what? Monetizing your chat and messenger apps can be very tricky, so we built to solve the problem of chatbot monetization. Sign up, complete a profile, insert a cashbot agent into your experience then tell us where to send you the money you make. It's that easy.

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Onepanel is a platform that enables users to develop, train, collaborate on and deploy deep learning models and pipelines in a reproducible, elastic, hybrid and multi-cloud environment. The models along with their environment templates can then be shared or sold through our marketplace.

7 Alternatives to Onepanel

Trilyo is a guest engagement platform for hotels. Our AI-enabled chat and voice based assistants can render hyper-personalized recommendations on the basis of

preference and behavior. Our products can also act as a digital concierge service

and make your business available 24*7

Selva Kumar
Selva Kumar- Inbound Marketing Manager
There are so many chatbots available in the market for the hospitality industry, but according to my best experience and knowledge, Trilyo bot is one of the best in the industry. It is because the bot is made up of latest NLP standards that makes it more human, it renders hyper-personalized recommendations based on your behaviour and preferences. Also, the b… See more
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One way to increase your conversion rate is by having more landing pages and interlinking them on your hotel website. Read this blog and know what are the things that need to be optimized on your website to make the visitor stay longer and reduce your bounce rate instantly.
Trilyo, with their AI-powered chat and voice-based services, assists the hotels to render an amazing guest experience that a guest will remember all the time. These chatbots and digital concierge service boosts your guest engagement and make a guest say WOW every time they visit your hotel.
An effective guest engagement platform is pivotal to all hotels because it makes your brand more relevant thus attracting more millennial customers. Employ one and see the positive change in your hotel sales and revenue. Also, a guest engagement platform can automate most of your every day tasks.
Trilyo Blog | Content, News & Trends to Acquire & Retain your Customer
Time and again, technology is constantly advancing towards automation of interaction with the environment around us. They say Chatbots are the future, and we say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is what brings human interactions and perfection together. When it comes to the hospitality industry, many entrepreneurs and organisations are adopting or looking t… See more
Chatbots Magazine
Just when you think you have introduced enough tech and automated almost all possible operations in a hotel, there's something new that pops up. This time it's chatbots. With new technology coming up every year, chatbots are the new hype in the market.
Trilyo Blog | Content, News & Trends to Acquire & Retain your Customer
Following our last article about 6 Reasons why you should implement Chatbots for your Hotel, you've got to know what it takes to build one. However, if you've managed to miss out on what a chatbot is, then you've also unintentionally drifted past the hottest tech of 2017.
Hotel Speak
We all know that the core aim for any successful business is to provide extraordinary customer service. Much like a traditional retail experience, sales representatives tuning into your prerequisites and proposing the right products significantly influence your purchasing behaviour, the same way a chat widget on your website can boost confidence and conversi… See more
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