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HTML 5 UP alternatives and competitors

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Makes spiffy HTML5 site templates
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  • CanvasJS Charts is an HTML5 Charting library that runs across devices and browsers and has 10x Performance Compared to traditional SVG charting Libraries. This allows you to create rich dashboards that work across devices without compromising on maintainability or functionality of your web application.

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    Have used this for a couple of projects in the past. They have an amazing support system to help you. Good luck guys.

  • Wicked Templates 2.0

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    Stunnig landing pages made with Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js and Next.js.
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  • Stitches is a HTML template generator with functional CSS (tailwind.css).

    To save time creating similar components for different projects, I created this generator to speed up the process of making web applications or marketing websites. Feel free to use it for your own projects and customize it!

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    It is very useful, but it has few options and the css is inline. It should be in a separated file.

    Congratulations for the great tool. But th…

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  • Pixelarity

    Spectacular responsive site templates
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