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15 alternative and related products to Howler AI

Howler AI
Get more press with AI-powered media outreach 🚀

Howler takes away the tedious, time-sucking work of media outreach by sending personalized pitches hand-written by experts to journalists likely to feature your product.

Each list of journalists we target is unique to the product, and determined algorithmically based on what the journalist has written about before (among other things).

15 Alternatives to Howler AI

Promote your business on 100 directories with a single click

Instaaa takes the stress out of marketing by promoting your business on 100 media outlets and directories for you. Submission takes 60 seconds and starts at just $39.

Ryan Heybourn
Ryan Heybourn- I help startups grow @useinstaaa
The 2018 grind has started!
Ryan Heybourn
Ryan Heybourn- I help startups grow @useinstaaa
Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦
Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦- Building a tools for Food Tech projects
Fast way to build your community or gain a feedback
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Hey everyone 👋 Like many of you, I build a lot of different products and usually follow a pretty standard process when doing so. One part of that process is marketing/promotion (something I'm terrible at doing and find it saps a lot of my energy and time).
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Instaaa is a 1 stop solution that asks you for a pitch, or you can provide them with some basic details & it will prepare 1 for you, then they'll manually submit your startup or entity to a large list of sites that specialize in Online promotion.
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A database of ~400k journalists to feature your business 🤩

Press Hunt is a categorized database of ~400k journalists, reporters, and media outlets. You can build media lists of your favorite journalists, export their contact info to CSV, then run PR campaigns to them.

Journalists are categorized by what they're interested in writing about next, so you can quickly find the ones most likely to feature you!

Matt Henderson 🚀
Matt Henderson 🚀- Building 24 products this year (16/24) 🚀
I'm constantly running product launch and media outreach campaigns––Press Hunt is a lifesaver for me.
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Some of the tools I referenced during my talk #CPRS2018: Assistant - Clara Labs - Lumen 5 - Captain Growth - Press Hunt - See more
Dopo il successone del video sui 13 siti utili, avete iniziato a chiedermi di fare altri video sui siti web utili, ma specifici in alcune categorie. (Se non avete visto il video precedente, lo trovate qui: See more
Looking for a searchable database of journalists? Check out our PressHunt Review ( See more
5 Alternatives to Press Hunt 2.0

Forget PR firms, pitch relevant journalists on your own

JustReachOut is a SaaS which is now used by 4,000+ entrepreneurs (as well as legit companies such as Airbnb, HubSpot, and Nickelodeon) to pitch bloggers, influencers and journalists and get exposure on autopilot daily.

Minal kewat
Minal kewat- iOS App Developer
By using JustReachOut you can find journalists looking for a source for their story.JustReachOut is simply a perfect tool for finding editors and publishers and contacting them. It is a SaaS which is now used by 4,000+ entrepreneurs (as well as legit companies such as Airbnb, HubSpot, and Nickelodeon) to pitch bloggers, influencers and journalists and get e… See more
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Entrepreneur
Created by the founder of HARO, requires a little bit more proactivity. :)
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Find journalists to write about your startup.

Brandon Anzaldi
Brandon Anzaldi- Software Engineer @ ToTheTens
I remember hearing about this a little while back, and the top comment in that post really hits it home. Pressfarm seems to have good categorization, so you can search your vertical, and do a little legwork to find the best journalists to reach out to.
Danielle Cadhit
Danielle Cadhit- Co-Founder, CEO @CostCanvas
Have discovered Pressfarm which focuses specifically on the contacts piece. I have heard of other apps and tools that provided contacts as well as strategy and done for you services but this starts at only $18/month. Best of luck!
18 Alternatives to Pressfarm

A database of 200k+ podcasts to feature your business

Podcast List is database of over 200,000 podcasts complete with tags & emails to help you find and pitch podcasts to interview you, feature your business, or run one of your ads.

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West Vesey
We're building 24 internet businesses in 12 months. In the past 8 months, we've launched 8. 4 of them have been profitable, producing >$50,000. If you do the math, we're running behind. We're 2/3 of the way through the year, and we've only launched 1/3 of the products we need to.
7 Alternatives to Podcast List

AI Marketing Employee For Shopify & Magento Stores

Pathfinder is an AI marketing employee for e-commerce stores that works for free and can be “hired” to do marketing jobs. It's the secret weapon that lets small teams compete with big teams, writing emails and building campaigns in minutes, not months.

4 Alternatives to Pathfinder

Social Media Canvas is a one-page social media plan. This one-page canvas gives "main street" businesses a simple way to plan out an overarching social media strategy without having to know the ins and outs of social media marketing.

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Spencer Field
Social Media Canvas is a one page social media guide for Mainstreet busiensses.
7 Alternatives to Social Media Canvas

An Instant press release distribution network

Pressly is an instant press releases distribution network, where you as an advertiser can find news approved website who are ready to cover your news instantly. On the other hand, if you are a news company or new approved blog owner - you can monetize it using Pressly.

5 Alternatives to Pressly
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