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Simple yet powerful lists with a keyboard only interface

5 alternative and related products to Hotkey


Open a new tab and trap your best thoughts.

Papis is a Chrome extension to take notes.

Roie Ambulo- Front-end developer in the making.
Clean, and distraction-free way to take notes in style.
Mukul Gupta- Product Manager, Browserstack
Great for noting something down quickly as it's always one tab away. It supports markdown as well I often paste the notes worth saving from Papier onto Apple Notes for longer term storage.
Crystal Chen- Community Manager, Quire
It is super quick and handy. I never have a thought or idea forgotten ever again.
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Turn your entire life into a list.

Ankit Kapasi- Engineer and Entrepreneur, AKVentures
Workflowy is my favorite for small teams. It really allows you to focus your attention on what is going on now. It is stable and not too many integrations which means that the cognitive load on the team is minimal. Just focuses the team on getting work done. I love being able to say "great idea, let's put it on the roadmap list and get back into this week's … See more
I use it for about 6 years. I love that developers have the same old good design and add new features very rarely, so I don`t have to learn how to use it every other year. It is very simple and not evernoted (overflowed with features)
Pranav- Designer, Developer & Maker of things
I find workflowy to be the simplest form of project/day management. It's simple and straightforward - nothing fancy at all.
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