Alternative products to Hooloop Memo

7 alternative and related products to Hooloop Memo

Hooloop Memo
Voice for Slack
7 Alternatives to Hooloop Memo

Walkie-talkie for your Mac Menu Bar

Instant communication app built in 1 week and winner in Makers Festival 2018.

Emilio Lopez
Emilio Lopez- Marketing Specialist
Voice Messaging for Remote Teams. Talk with your team, no meetings or scheduling needed. Listen on your own time and stay in sync. No dialing or calling. Its bringing back voicemail with style. Easily talk to your teammates by leaving them a message about a project or quickly asking them for an update. Listen to voice messages on your time. No more trying t… See more
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Product management bot for daily stand-up meetings on Slack

Hey! I'm your new team assistant.

I'm here to help you and your team do daily async follow-ups.

I connect to your Slack, talk to your team and will give you a sweet dashboard with reports, metrics, and search.

*Totally free! no monthly fees, no subscriptions, no surprises!*

Priyanka Mukherjee
Priyanka Mukherjee- Product Manager
You know grandma how you have to wake up every morning and write those refrigerator notes of tasks that need to be completed... and you put it on the refrigerator so everyone can see... this tool is like that refrigerator for us at work.. we write notes and provide updates on our tasks... and instead of sticking it onto the refrigerator, we put it up on this… See more
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Nowadays, there are many task management and productivity tools that can be used along with your team, making it easy to fall in the trap of having too many of them and repeating work. You can even end up using those which don't really add any value.
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Beep - Friends Messenger is a fully loaded chat app for the younger generation that allows you to add creativity and fun to your voice messages. Don't know what to say? Or just want to be more entertaining? Throw a short audio bite from your favorite celebrity or social influencer to spice your voice messages up.


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