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Hoggy alternatives and competitors

Hoggy is a handy application to store items with tags, notes, and rating.

Ever had a movie recommendation and forgot about it when you actually wanted to watch sth? You need this!

1. Came across something you want to remember

2. Add the item in the app

3. Tag like you want to

4. Forget! The app will remember

5. Check your tag list whenever needed

Top alternatives for Hoggy

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  • Problem of the day

    Are you a maker πŸ™Œ? Are you struggling for ideas on problems to solve πŸ’‘πŸ€”? Follow Problem of the day to get your daily dose of real problems from real users.

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  • Wonder

    Remember the things you easily forget

    A simple solution to retaining essential yet easily forgettable information. If I were Guy Pearce from Memeto, I'd be very glad to pick this…

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    Learn more
  • Idea Hunt

    Solve specific challenges for your favorite products
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  • Pitchcard Explore

    Pitch and explore ideas, find collaborators to build things
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  • Hatchli

    A social community for sharing and validating new ideas
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  • Idea Buddy

    Give 1 idea, get 10 back.
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  • Seedproof

    Seedproof is where startup ideas stand or fall on their own merits.

    Your startup should be all about making an awesome product, not about becoming a marketing guru just to find out if you have a good idea. We'll take care of getting you feedback so you can focus on building something people want. πŸš€

    I would like to connect an investor though your platform.

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  • Flare by GoDaddy

    Discover, give feedback and support startup ideas
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    TATLAT is a new fun app for iOS that lets people leave their thoughts on anything to get back a thought posted by someone else.

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  • Stuff I Need to Remember

    Remember the best stuff you’ve already forgotten.
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  • Skill Swipe

    Accelerating talents through travel adventure
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  • Just Points

    Just Points is an app thought of during a weekend with friends. We were playing a game and we needed to track some points. We downloaded an app but it didn't look very good, but served it's purpose. I thought I could do better. Try it out, its completely free.
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  • Showem

    Gather a group of friends, set up the game, and have fun! A technology twist on a classic Charades game. Act out the word you got from the pool while not making any sounds. If You run out of words, you can get new ones and increase your collection!
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