Alternative products to HitPay

10 alternative and related products to HitPay

Send or receive money using a modern payments interface
10 Alternatives to HitPay

Payments for products with a unique link 🔗

Minipay helps makers & creators to collect payments for products & services. Share it and get paid!

🎂 Test your products. Quickest way to validate your creations is when a customer pays for it.

👻 Snapchat, IG, Facebook. Sell directly to your followers with a link

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16 Alternatives to Minipay

Sign blockchain transactions with just an email and password

Squarelink is the first access tool for blockchain apps and services that enables users to securely recover lost private keys. Users can sign up, sign in, and sign transactions using just an email and password - without a server ever touching a private key.

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It's no secret that blockchain and UX do not live harmoniously. Assuming a user's first introduction to blockchain doesn't scare them off, managing private keys definitely will. And that's before they've been introduced to MetaMask, Ledger, Smart Contracts, ICOs, SegWit, Change Addresses, Mining, etc.
Squarelink, an access tool for blockchain apps and services, has launched along with its public REST API. The API lets blockchain applications to retrieve transactions, data, and user account information upon permission by the user. The startup also plans on releasing open source client SDKs soon.
Technology as revolutionary as the blockchain shouldn't be gone simply because a user has lost their private key. That is the impetus behind Squarelink, a service providing a safe and simple authorization for apps and dApps. Launched in early November, it will eliminate a major reason why people find blockchain technology intimidating to use, co-founders ...
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