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"Highlight" physical books through conductive pages 📖✨

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Highly for iOS

Medium-style highlighting in every app and website. 🖌

Lauren Holliday- Founder,
LOVE this tool. Just wish it worked 100% of the time. Still has some bugs to work out.
Andrew Courter- Highly
Highly's the most efficient way to get people to see the good parts. Here's a collection of highlighter tools, too:
Ranjan- CEO, Informerly
Recently switched to Pixel and this is the app I miss the most.
Andrew Courter- Highly
👋 Hi everybody! Thanks @eriktorenberg! Andrew from Highly here. Highlights are the killer way to share stories with friends (online and off). And since we mostly read on our phones, we need to highlight there, too. So we’re pleased as heck to share Highly for iOS, version one, here today. Now you can highlight wherever you’re reading, including *within* d… See more
11 Alternatives to Highly for iOS


Highlight, save, and share any web page

Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Liner is pretty cool. Works on both iPhone and Chrome. Let me know your thoughts.
Brian Woo- Co-Founder & Data Hacker, LINER
LINER is a powerful bookmarking app with highlighting feature. LINER now supports iOS app, Chrome Extension, and Firefox Extension.
David Adamu- Maker.
Liner is really great for highlighting and saving Tweets. For me, it gives that extra functionality of highlighting a _specifc_ part of a tweet.
Sung Cho
Hi supporters, I have just posted an article on Medium - How Liner ranked #2 on Product Hunt, and what we learned from it. Love this community!
10 Alternatives to Liner
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