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How to change mass behaviour by harnessing our true nature
2 Alternatives to Herd

An Introvert's guide to making connections that count

The former Google executive, editorial director of Twitter and self-described introvert offers networking advice for anyone who has ever cancelled a coffee date due to social anxiety—about how to nurture a vibrant circle of reliable contacts without leaving your comfort zone.

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INTRODUCTION: My DREAM THINK DO guest this week is Karen Wickre. Karen has been in leadership of a few companies you may have heard of. She was the Editorial Director of Twitter. Before that, she was with Google. She's a 30-year veteran of Silicon Valley...
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Don't fret about saying something clever or selling yourself. Everyone loves an introvert - all you have to do is listen
2 Alternatives to Taking The Work Out Of Networking

A 30-day challenge designed to open every mind. is a 30-day email challenge designed to help you become a better creative thinker. Every day, for 30 days, we will send you an object or an idea and ask you to either Create, Transform, Disrupt, Improve, or Innovate. Good luck!

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A couple of weeks ago I had this crazy idea for a new project. What if there was a community-driven brain trust? A place where creators and innovators could share ideas or problems and the community could offer feedback, criticism, or alternative ideas; as a way to disrupt the way we brainstorm.
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