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Waterproof & submersible backpack for outdoor enthusiasts

5 Alternatives to Helixot

The first smart animative backpack

Unleash your creativity - choose from a library of pictures, animations, widgets and games, or upload your own right to your backpack.

Pix has an incredibly durable design that is water and shock resistant, so it will remain unharmed if you accidentally drop or hit it.

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Like to stand out from the crowd? Well, there is a smart animative backpack that will allow you to control its appearance directly from your smartphone. The electronic accessory is the work of Pix Inc, a startup made up of a group of innovators who focus on creating products that help consumers express their personality and customise their appearance on the … See more
You've never quite seen a backpack like PIX, which is touted as the world's "first smart animative backpack". What does that mean? Well, it can be used to display pictures, animations, and even playable 8-bit games like Tetris, once synced through an iOS or Android app.
愛の告白から新装開店のお知らせまで何でも表示! バックパックはそもそもウェアラブルな道具ですが、これがデジタル化されるとオモシロいことに使えそうな気がしませんか? そこで登場したのが、pixの「スマート・バックパック」。これは背後の人々に見える面がディズプレイになったもので、スマートフォンから絵柄を送信するのです。 VBいわく、専用アプリにはプリセットされた絵柄やアニメにゲームも用意されています
Pix is an interactive LED backpack that not only kids will definitive love, it also has the potential to be a hit at burning man.
Hackster Blog
On the outside, PIX looks like any normal backpack. However, when powered on, it reveals a 16x20 LED array capable of displaying images or animations in 16.5 million color combinations. Lighting is...
PIX backpack - The 'PIX' backpack is a connected accessory that provides users with the ability to digitally infuse their own personality into the uni...
Helmet? Check. Hi-vis? Check. Animated smart backpack with a widget that allows you to indicate using a wireless remote? Check, if you want to splash out $199 for the new Pix backpack, which is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.
FanboyNation Magazine
Start the school year off by making better life PIX, like picking up a PIX smart animative backpack For many, today is the first day of school and I can guarantee most students aren't having the best first day ever because they have some basic backpack instead of having a PIX backpack.
There's nothing quite like looking - or at least feeling - like the freshest person at school or work. Clearly, Pix Backpack has the same idea; the startup recently launched a Kickstarter for a product it's referring to as "the first smart animative backpack."
Backpacks are joining the family of electronic wearables and accessories with Pix's announcement of a "smart backpack" that allows you to put electronic images on the fabric to show off your personal style. As you can see in the pictures, you can put pixelated electronic images of everything from video game characters to cartoons on the backpack's backside.
WALNUT, Calif., Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Electronic accessories and wearables are becoming increasingly important for people to communicate and show off personal style. To help reveal creativity, Pix Inc. introduces PIX, the first smart animative backpack that allows the wearer to control its appearance right from their smartphone.
The Verge
Imagine carrying around an animated Lite-Brite screen on your back. Now you can, with Pix, the "first smart animative backpack," which is currently funding on Kickstarter. The backpack can display pictures, animations, and playable 8-bit games like Tetris and Snake, all synced through an iOS and Android app.
Let me just say that the PIX animated backpack is a hoot. I'm a sucker for fun display gadgets, so when they offered me one of these packs to review in advance of their Kickstarter campaign (launched today), I had to give it a try.
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