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Capture everything and measure instantly.

5 alternative and related products to Heap

You know that talking to your users is essential, but until now it has been painfully complex. PingPong takes care of all the hard stuff and saves you days of work. So you can be interviewing users in minutes!

PingPong blog
The big user research challenge Every single design project we worked on at Hanno in the last 2 years required research and testing. And every single time we'd spend a huge chunk of time finding the right users to talk to and scheduling interview sessions with them.
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Imux Beta

Create graphs from Excel sheets by searching data

Imux is a handy tool when you have huge amount of data in excel sheets and SQL Databses and want to search complex queries in simple english to take a decision or create a report. Use Imux Beta to quickly upload, search, create dashboards and share with peers.

IMUX (Grindrack technologies): one question many answers
The Hindu
It was a dream come true for two student startup founders from Andhra Pradesh, who got a chance to visit Silicon Valley recently and pitch, network and learn from the best there recently. They were among the team of 33 students from across the country who were a part of the week-long tour to the U.S.
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Which is best SaaS product for E-Commerce Companies?

Gajendra DadheechEngineer with appetite for good product
Shopify - Make commerce better for everyone.
"Shopify should help you in getting your e-commerce portal up and running quite easily."
Heap - Capture everything and measure instantly.
"Heap should help you with event visualization, allowing you to segment users and identify issues such as cart abandonment."
Session Replay by Zarget - See how visitors view and use your site.
"Session replay would allow to actually see and playback how visitors interact with your site."

What's the best product analytics tool?

Cody HalffCEO @ThePersonalCRM
Heap - Capture everything and measure instantly.
"I can also recommend this tool. Easy to setup (don't need to have advanced JS knowledge), easy to build/visualize funnels and segments."
Countly Analytics - Open source, enterprise mobile & web analytics platform
"Maybe try Countly that allows your platform to use the data and apply it where necessary in addition to a clean way to present your analyti… See more
Matomo - Open Analytics Platform
"Despite of imperfect UI design this tool will give you all important data about your website."

What is the best user analytics tool for websites?

Bill StathopoulosGrowth Strategist at GrowthRocks
HotJar Insights - See how visitors are really using your website.
"Hotjar could be very useful. It allows you to see exactly how users interact with your website via heat maps, scroll maps, polls, visitor r… See more
Heap - Capture everything and measure instantly.
"Heap Analytics could be just what you're looking for."
GoSquared People Analytics - One place to understand your users
"Hopefully this hits the spot for you, Vassilis. I'm one of the founders of GoSquared, but I genuinely think our People product should come … See more

What are the best free resources for startups?

Hiten ShahCrazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"Slack is a great tool to increase team efficiency and getting updates from team members. Although, I recommend a great slack application ca… See more
Taskade - A minimal and sharable task list.
"Extremely simple to start a list and collaborate with your team on tasks. Very pretty too."
Trello - Organize anything, together
"best organizing feature"
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