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12 alternative and related products to Have I Been Sold?

Have I Been Sold?
Check if your email address was sold without permission

Have I Been Sold? is a free service which lets you check our database of purchased emails and see if someone sold your contact information.

A free & anonymous startup acquisition marketplace
12 Alternatives to Have I Been Sold?

Naughty List is a list of tech companies that won't delete your information

services with the highest rank have the worst policies.

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In trying to delete a few accounts, some services outright refused to delete my info, without giving any reason. Therefore, I've decided in to create a naughty list of tech companies who don't respect your right to your own information.
18 Alternatives to Naughty List

Did you know Tinder shares your private conversations and matches?
They're pretty straightforward about it in their privacy policy.
Guard is an Artificial Intelligence that reads privacy policies for you and spots the threats in them. Protect your privacy.

6 Alternatives to Guard


noun /dɪˈliːtɪst/

a person who deletes their data in the quest for anonymity, privacy and minimalism: paving the way for ethical decentralised systems.

I designed this website as a series of advice and guides on how to reduce your digital data footprint, become anonymous and make more time.

17 Alternatives to Be a Deletist 🚫
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