Alternative products to HangoverApp

8 alternative and related products to HangoverApp

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8 Alternatives to HangoverApp

Flyby 2.0 is a pill designed to boost your body’s natural response to alcohol so can wake up refreshed.

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Business Insider
The holiday party season is in full swing and is set to hit its annual crescendo on December 31. And that means that many of us will enjoy a hearty New Year's Eve celebration with cocktails and Champaign, then spend the first day of the new year hungover.
So what is the solution? Obviously, drink less. That's a given. Most of my friends have pretty much given up midweek drinking and are drinking a lot less on weekends, too.
Mail Online
Eddie Huai, 23, claims to have found the cure for hangovers with his pill Flyby The NYU economics major thought of the idea while on trip to Tokyo The capsules are packed with vitamins and supplements to fight hangovers They work to break down acetaldehyde, which is more toxic than alcohol Huai said 88 percent of users claim that the product works for them S… See more
The Hustle
Partiers, rabble-rousers, and general good-time-havers, listen up: You no longer need to suffer the morning-after aches and pains constantly associated with a night of drinking. Organic hangover "cures" have been popular in Asian countries for generations, yet word of their existence is only just reaching the United States.
"Hangovers are awesome," said no one, ever. While there are plenty of next-day hangover cures from smoothies to kombucha that help detoxify and restore your body, there aren't many ways to prevent a hellish morning.
8 Alternatives to Flyby 2.0

A nutritional hangover prevention drink

Magic Bullet is a tasty, nutritional & healthy beverage that is designed to support and accelerate your body’s own process of eliminating alcohol toxins, helping ensure you are fresh the next morning. Its Blood Orange flavor and light carbonation are delicious to drink alone plus it's a versatile mixer.

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