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3 alternative and related products to Gratefulness


Learning to be grateful, one text reminder at a time.

3 Alternatives to Gratefulness

Get a call every night to record feedback on your day.

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Call Frank is very different from other diary apps. Once you signup, you set a time of day you want Frank to call you (yes, on your 📞). When you pickup the phone, talk and it will record the audio privately. It's a super simple way to record your diary audibly and in 60 seconds.
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A bot that sends positive messages when people need them 🤖💛

CheerBot lives on Twitter and the thing he enjoys the most is spreading positivity 🦄

☀️ CheerBot scans Twitter for people who are sad, lonely or in need of some positivity and sends them an encouraging message using some cool AI and machine learning tech.

😎 Can send you a positive message to kickstart your day (DM !daily)

13 Alternatives to CheerBot
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