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Go Animate alternatives and competitors

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Make Professional Animated Videos with simple DIY tools

Top alternatives for Go Animate

Google Workspace
Collaboration tools loved by billions
  • Trailer

    2 reviews
    Payment required

    A macOS app that simplifies recording and producing marketing videos for your mobile, web and desktop apps.

    Nice easy to use app. I'm already fed up with mobile apps so it's nice to see something that works on desktop too.

  • Principle 2.0

    Animate your ideas, design better apps, now with components
  • Uscreen

    2 reviews

    Uscreen is an all in one solution for building your own video business and launching your own apps for mobile & TV devices. And we will never charge you commissions. You can monetize & sell any kind of videos including educational, fitness, entertainment and much more.

  • Promo Video Maker for Shopify

    The FREE Promo.com app was created to help Shopify merchants increase their sales with powerful videos. The tool allows store owners to create professional product videos to embed them on their product pages or publish directly to their social channels.
  • Cinema8

    2 reviews

    Create engaging video experience by Cinema8’s technology solution stack. Focus on gamification, e-learning, marketing and more.

    Cinema8 is an interactive video platform that offers everything to make the viewer part of the story. In a very intuitive drag and drop mode…

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  • Wibbitz Studio

    1 review
    Get everything you need to create video online with a media library that helps you save time and hit deadlines.
    Add and edit transitions, graphics, and text to create a professional video with no prior production experience.
  • Animator Studio

    Animator Studio is a perfect app for fun photo creations, cool videos from photos, animating, storyboarding, and sketching.


    ◆ Fun, fast and super simple.

    ◆ Easily combine photos, animations,vectors and icons into an engaging video.

    ◆ Add impact with text overlay - no design expertise required!

    ◆ Draw on your photos and make animated selfies

    ◆ Get advanced drawing and sketching tools

    ◆ Use multi-layering for complex animations

    ◆ Control Animation length,delay and speed

    ◆ Easily save as video or image and share to social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram


    ◆ Pick from a wide variety of free soundtracks

    ◆ Use your own voice-over to make your point - it'll make you video even more amazing.


    ◆ Themes automatically adds cinema-quality animation so your story looks incredible. Effortlessly.

    ◆ Share your video via Twitter, Facebook, email, or text, or send it to any other app or photo gallery

    ◆ Save your video to your Camera Roll to upload to your Instagram or favorite video site.


    Cool photos that come to life

    • Viral Social videos

    Marketing videos

    Facebook posts

    • Facebook ads

    • Instagram videos

    • Social media videos

    • School projects

    • Business pitches

    • Crowdfunding videos

    • Easy storytelling

    • Team project updates

    • Product demos

    • Reports

    • Tutorials

    • Event invitations

    • Announcements

    • Testimonials

    • And more !

  • PQ Grit Kit

    115 real, animated, royalty-free high resolution textures, designed for blending in After Effects, Nuke or even Adobe Premiere. Use as interesting luma mattes for type, shape layers or graphics, add real noise or grunge to footage or get crazy with displacement or bump maps in Cinema 4D. PQ Grit Kit is a fastidiously curated library of super useable everyday moving textures like paper or card, ink or paint, concrete, woods, scribbles or sand from different parts of California. There are odd-balls like kitty litter, wholewheat tortilla, ketchup, vegan chicken nuggets or pubes (you're welcome).