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Glance Clock
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15 Alternatives to Glance Clock

The smart Wi-Fi alarm clock you can customize ⏰

5 reasons that make this alarm clock better than any clocks I've seen:

1. Looks good- fully customize "face" to match your room and personality

2. Sets itself- with wifi

3. More than a clock- display any live data

4. It senses when you turn off the lights dimming itself into the "night face"

5. Alarms! Set as many alarms as you wish

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Lenovo's new smart clock with Google assistant built in

As a convenient smart home device, the Lenovo Smart Clock supports voice and touch controls on an unobtrusive 4-inch IPS screen to perform tasks that are regularly carried out before and after sleep. With its compact size built for sitting on nightstands, the Lenovo Smart Clock blends into your bedroom decor.

Around the web
It took a couple of years, but we finally have the perfect application of Google Assistant-an alarm clock. The Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant looks like a sibling to Google's Home Hub and Home Mini.
Business Insider
Google and Lenovo teamed up to create an $80 smart alarm clock. The Lenovo Smart Clock can tell the time and weather, play podcasts and the news, and wake you up gently with brightness and animations. The clock will go on sale this spring. LAS VEGAS - Google and Lenovo have teamed up once again.
Plugged | The Next Web
Last year, we saw a bunch of brands launch smart speakers with touchscreens, including a revamped Echo Show from Amazon and several devices powered by Google Assistant. Lenovo was one of the first out of the gate in 2018, and it brought a fun new smart display to show off at CES - the Smart Clock.
Ars Technica
Google is slowly catching up to Amazon in the smart display space, and, after the release of several third-party displays and Google's own Home Hub, it's time for a new form factor. First out of the gate is the Lenovo Smart Clock, which takes all the software you'd find in a Google Smart Display and shrinks it down to a tiny form factor.
The Verge
Lenovo's new Smart Clock is mostly designed to tell you the time and get you up in the morning, but it also does a whole lot of other things, too: it can charge your devices, play music, and even be set up with a Google Assistant Routine specifically for sleeping, so your devices go on silent mode or turn off with a simple voice command.
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The world clock in your pocket

Support more than 7500 cities, also can forward or backward the time you need. Cities in home page can be renamed, time zone of the city also displays.Cities displays on a World Map, easily know its area on earth. Sunrise and sunset displays on the World Map.

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