Alternative products to Gitweet

9 alternative and related products to Gitweet

Tweet from your commit description

Gitweet is a convenient tool for developers and makers that wants to quickly tweet something about their last code update.

Once your repository is linked to a twitter account, every time you provide a description in a commit (completely optional obviously), a tweet will be posted with the provided content.

Only the description will be tweeted.

9 Alternatives to Gitweet

Make your github history green, with daily automated commits

GitHub Gardener is a tool that makes automated commits daily that magically turn your GitHub contributions green.

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Ok, I want to build a simple product this week and launch it. I am thinking of a bot that pushes a commit to a stupid repository on GitHub everyday in order to make it green in the span of a year.
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GitBird reimagined - Tweet your commits

🙈The problem: Indie devs don't have time to update their users enough to keep them excited and in the loop about product. We should be writing code, not tweeting.

💡The idea: Developers don't tweet often, but they commit code almost everyday. GitBird lets you tweet product updates straight from the terminal; just add a webhook to your git repo!

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I'm a Dane who enjoys to program and code. I have a degree in Computer Science, along with a smaller Web Development lower education. Alas I have never used either of them, except to prove to an employer that I can actually code. I have been working on gitbird over the past seven months.
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