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Giphy Chrome Extension alternatives and competitors

Respond to emails, tweets & more w/ GIFs in a jiffy
Top Giphy Chrome Extension alternatives
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    Create animated GIFs from videos (by Giphy)
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  • PopKey for Desktop

    Quickly share ridiculous GIFs from Mac or Windows
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  • Facebook GIF Button

    Add a GIF reaction button to Facebook comments
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  • Easiest way to enrich your PH comments with GIFs
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  • gifLine

    The fastest way to include GIFs in your emails
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  • Vlipsy is the best way to search and share iconic quotes from your favorite movies, shows, and videos on the internet and in chat. Reply with vlips (video clips) on any platform to add short expressive videos to your texts, tweets, snaps and comments.

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    Gifs are great but when I send my Darth Vader Noooooooo!!! clip I want the full impact of James Earl Jones deep Nooooooo!!!!!

  • Vlipsy is the fastest, easiest way to search and share iconic quotes from your favorite, movies, shows, and videos on Slack. React with vlips (video clips) in your daily conversation to add more flavor to your standard Slack messages.

    /vlip [search term] to send a random vlip reaction

    /vlips [search phrase] to select a vlip from a list of results

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    GIFs are great, but VLIPs are even better. Slack's unfurl and media handling make stuff like this difficult to do, but I think Vlipsy is on …

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  • Giphy for Apple Mail

    This free extension for Apple Mail will enable you to use GIFs from the Giphy library in your emails directly from the compose window. This extension is free and convenient to use. πŸ‘Œ
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