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Gamification for your team's projects

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Gamify your team work and get things done super faster

Gamify your team work and get thing's done faster. Simple team collaboration/task management tool.

Deepak Kumar- CEO,
Hi, I am the maker of here. Pleasure interact with the community in here at Product Hunt website. We have designed something that's very simple and gamified at micro levels, just enough to make it happen. 'The increase in productivity.' Summer 2017, I Graduated from Y Combinator's Startup School with another idea. But While I was in there, someth… See more
Deepak Kumar- CEO, is designed around the idea of gamification, in other words, play and fun. And play and fun are the main elements of turning a strenuous work into an enjoyable one. is based on few simple concepts taken directly from games. Employees gather points by completing tasks, they get positioned on the scoreboard, and they compete against each o… See more
Increase Your Company's Sales Through Gamification
If you're running a business, there's only one thing that matters! Well ok, there are many things, but one crucial element is the sales. No matter if you're running an online marketplace or if you're offering a team management software, increasing the sales is something we all aim for - simple as...
Creating Committed Employees Through Gamification
Most will agree there are two types of employees when it comes to commitment. You have the fresh employees who just started and will do anything to prove themselves; in other words, they will be committed. Then you have employees who've been working for some time and got accustomed to their work...
Motivate Your Writing Team To Create Top Quality Content
Improve your content writing team's performance
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Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"makes it easier to transfer my content and communicate in real time with my colleagues making it more easy to handle my workflow"
Spotify - Any song. One tap away.
"Discover Weekly is amazing at recommending music + sharing playlists with friends is super easy."
Product Hunt 4.0 - Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨
"Maybe AskPH more than PH now."
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