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Game for Cats

The world's greatest video game for cats (not humans)

You've always wanted to know what your cat has to say? Frimousse allows you to scan your cat to find out.

Fun jokes? Love declarations? Who knows…

The app is free! You can call your cat to the sound of his favorite food, use Frimousse stickers in your Messages app (for iOS only) and enjoy 3 theme packs (in-app purchase): Kids, Christmas, Grumpy Cat

Okapi 100% ADO - Le blog
Tu as toujours voulu savoir ce qui se passe dans la petite tête de ton chat ? L'application "Frimousse" va enfin te permettre de comprendre ce qu'il veut te dire ! Les Français possèdent 13,5 millions de chats. D'ailleurs, tu en as peut-être un qui traîne pas très loin de toi à l'heure actuelle.
Disponible depuis peu sur iOS et Android, Frimousse s'emploie à donner la parole aux chats pour égayer un peu plus encore cette fin d'année. Bien qu'il partage le quotidien de millions de Français, le chat ne parvient toujours pas à se détacher de sa réputation d'animal solitaire, ingrat, voire manipulateur et sournois.
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An adventure puzzle game made out of abstract drawings

Find your way through a maze of stylish and enticing drawings. Each level has its own peculiarities, almost everything in it can be moved or adjusted. Use all your creativity and resourcefulness to make it through the animated world in which playful investigation is rewarded.

Creative Review
Kontrast brings together Kuilder's abstract, monochrome illustrations with his brother Jurre's coding skills, and is accompanied by an ambient soundtrack created by sound designer Ambrose Yu. Since the birth of the smartphone first ushered in a whole wave of games designed for mobile, gaming apps have typically been associated with garish colours and cartoon… See more
Digital Arts
Available now for iOS and Android, Kontrast is a mobile puzzle game where you can interact with Timo's seven black-and-white illustrations, animated by his brother Jurre Kuilder.
It's Nice That
Illustrator "Timo Kuilder": See more
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Cat in the Box

Unique cardboard box toys for cats

"422,000 YouTube videos can’t be wrong: cats like boxes." there's research to prove it, too.

Cat in the Box was founded by Dawn, an animal lover and mom of two, who wants every cat to play in a box that adds fun and colour to their owners home.

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Cats On Synthesizers In Space

These aren’t any old cat memes, now on t-shirts and prints!

When music nerdism and the internet collide, strange and wonderful things can happen. The perfect example for this is “Cats On Synthesizers In Space“.

True to its name, Cats On Synthesizers In Space specializes in pictures of felines on electronic music instruments floating in space. We at Katt. found this idea both brilliant and hilarious and apparently we’re not the only one: the Facebook page currently has more than 158.000 likes and a quite active community.

Don’t ask us why, don’t ask us how, but just know that these are Cats On Synthesizers In Space. But wait! The curated feline concept store Katt. collaborated with the original creator Kieran Heather to offer you Cats On Synthesizers In Space on T-shirts and Prints! All T-Shirts are screen printed by hand by Kieran himself.

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