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  • Investor List

    A searchable, crowdsourced list of over 1k investors

    It is important for sharing wisdom among investors, in our shifting cataclysmic global economy, so that we can "Swim in sharks eating sharks…

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  • Venture Reads

    The best resources created by VCs, Firms, and Angels
  • Fundraising Kit

    A free Notion page with everything you need to raise a round: 8 guides, 20+ templates, and 30+ tools. Based on 100+ founder interviews. Reviewed by 300+ founders 👀
  • Founder Resources is a curated list of 500+ resources, templates & tools that help you on your journey to build a successful business. You can easily filter all resources by category and type to quickly find the thing you are looking for.
  • VCWiz

    VCWiz is the easiest way to discover relevant investors, get introduced, and keep track of your conversations. We've built the most comprehensive database of investors along with a fully-functional CRM that includes features like conversation tracking and email integrations.

    I'm a huge fan of the ability to link up your email and let VCWiz track your correspondence for you; it's a huge pain to have to do this man…

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  • Party Round

    Party Round is building better tools for founders, starting with an automated fundraising tool. Invite anyone to invest, generate docs, collect signatures & receive funds, automating your raise from open to close and turning your community into your cap table.
  • Fundraising Template

    Meet the Notion Fundraising Template, the easiest & most time-saving way to raise capital for your startup successfully.
    The template features and easy to use Investor CRM, Pitch Deck Content Builder, Investor Update Templates, and so much more!
  • teQatlas

    With TeQatlas founders and investors can now find each other, match, communicate, share documents & close deals 3x faster
  • StartUp Fundraising Resources

    Raising capital is hard. But there are so many amazing resources out there to learn from. We curated articles, templates & tools from the best founders and investors for you.
  • IssueHunt

    IssueHunt is the issue-based bounty platform for open source projects.

    Everyone can fund issues on OSS and money is distributed to contributors and maintainers.

    We've been developing an OSS named as Boostnote(9500 Github stars) and at first IssueHunt was developed to its bounty program.

  • Goodwater Index

    Fundraising advice for entrepreneurs
  • Startup DB

    Search great, curated posts by investors and operators
  • DesignerMill 2.0

    Designer Mill is a new website updated everyday with free design resources from over 10 categories including free fonts, mockups, Photoshop and Sketch resources.

  • Equity Free Funding Stash

    Equity Free Funding Stash is a curated list of equity free funding options available across the world to help your startup grow and succeed. The platform lists information about different equity free funding programs, interviews of entrepreneurs who attended these programs, and a weekly newsletter with information about application open dates.

  • Venture360's Startup Fundraising Tool

    Venture360's beta Startup Fundraising Tool is an all-in-one DIY solution that gives your startup everything it needs to go from 'launch to exit' and everything in between.

    Open Up Deal Rooms, Invite Investors, Close Capital, Setup Cap Tables, Report Metrics & Establish SPVs (special purpose vehicles) all in one, simple place.


    If the interface is user friendly then this should be a 'no-brainer' for entrepreneurs.

  • Fundraising by Memo

    The only tool you’ll ever need to raise money from investors. Create beautiful investment memos, share securely, and manage your investor CRM. In beta founders created 3000+ memos raising money from investors living in 40 different countries around the world.
    CRM + Analytics + $ = Love what Mark and Zac have built! This has the potential to change the fundraising industry forever.
  • Fundraising Bot

    Fundraising Bot is a Messenger/Telegram bot that gives you a quick access to a database of 3150 angel investors. View names and profiles, Investment Score, location. Add them to your network

    Have you thought about developing some kind of a filter?

  • Startup Fundraising Playbook

    The Startup Fundraising Playbook bundles fundraising trends, bias, and do’s and don’ts in early-stage fundraising into a guide for founders raising capital from Pre-Seed to Series A. Dig into these insights and research to optimize your process & VC outreach.
  • Unicorn

    Organic fundraising discovery, connecting angels & founders
  • Fundraising Market Map

    Getting funding for your startup is hard, but there are hundreds of companies helping you with your fundraising efforts. This map is a visual overview of every player in the fundraising ecosystem.