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Frydge alternatives and competitors

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- 🍽 Search recipes with ingredients you have/ want to use
- 📒 Grocery list / shopping list for ingredients you want to buy
- 🏡 Keep track of your fridge and pantry
- ⚠ Get notified when ingredients are about to expire
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  • Prep new dishes with Plant Jammer's easy dish-builder which combines artificial intelligence with core gastronomical principles such as balancing tastes, contrasting textures and building aroma complexity. Now you can create a recipe using what's in your fridge and never again have to search for recipes.

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    I am soooo biased, as I'm the CEO and Founder of Plant Jammer :-)

    However, this is my dream product, developed for my own needs to cook and …

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  • Discover Meals

    Almost 300 ingredients that structured by categories open 186 easy-to-view recipes. Just select your ingredients to find most matching meals. Combine them, discover the delicious meals and save your favourites.

    There are NO ADS and it's absolutely free!

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  • Search recipes by ingredients. Tons of recipes to choose.
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  • What Can I Cook At Home

    Our platform offers the possibility of searching for recipes that only require the ingredients you have around the house. You can also save your favorite recipes, add yours so that the next time you want to cook them, find them faster.
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  • UnitStand

    Everyone needs a helping hand in the kitchen and that's exactly what our 'Recipe Builder' does, it's a recipe search engine that lets you search by ingredients you have at home. Find thousands of recipes you can make right now.
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  • Picknprep

    Free options
    Picknprep shows you recipes based on ingredients you already have at home.
    You also specify your preferences, such as whether you are vegan or have an intolerance to nuts.
    Each recipe comes with full nutritional information. Shop less, waste less, cook more.
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  • Flavorfox

    Flavorfox provides flavor pairings by analyzing recipes. We provide pairings in the sweet kitchen, the savory and for cocktails.
    We also categorize the flavorings to provide inspiration - white flavors for a wedding cake, spring-themed cocktails, and more.
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