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Frost alternatives and competitors

1 review
Frost is the world's first free online minimalistic word processor which lets you write in a completely distraction-free atmosphere.
The algorithm plays music according to the theme of your writing which gives you the best space to unleash your creativity.

Top alternatives for Frost

Jotform Apps
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  • Refly

    Refly is a smart editor for content writers who are trying to scale their content globally. Refly helps you improve your language, SEO and track your writing goals. Also, you can publish or schedule your publish to multiple blogs in a single click. And the best part, it's free !! The latest version is out in the AppStore

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  • Hemingway Editor 3.0

    3 reviews

    Hemingway Editor 3.0 is a tool which will make your writing one of a kind! It will not only check your grammar, but it will enrich your text, format it and make it ready to share with the world! You can upload directly to Medium and WordPress or you can make it to any web page by exporting to HTML.

    I started using Hemingway to tighten up my Medium posts but now I use it for everything. Great way to crisp up your writing!

  • Grammarly

    16 reviews

    Grammarly solves all of your typo problems in a second.

    It has saved me on multiple occasions from making a fool of myself.

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  • Frase

    8 reviews
    For anyone creating content on a regular basis, Frase helps you research faster so you can focus on creativity. A tool to optimise your content for search engines based on topics, popular questions and more.

    I've been using the product for a couple months and really love the tool. It's a Swiss army knife that can be used for content creation, cur…

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  • Analyze My Writing

    Text content and readability analyzer
  • Easy Writer

    Windows has a beautiful, distraction free markdown app for your writing.

    Novels, Short Stories, Poetry, we have you covered.

    Backed up & sync'd using the Azure cloud with a clean fluent interface, Easy Writer leaves you to do your work free of distraction.

  • Paper

    1 review
    β€œThis is a super-clean writing space with a lot of configurability that stays out of sight when you don’t need it.”
    App Store Review,
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  • Frost 3.0

    2 reviews
    Introducing Frost 3.0 - Word's first mood-inducing text editor.
    Frost is the first-of-its-kind writing platform which lets you write in a completely distraction-free environment while listening to the music of your choice.
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  • Hemingwrite

    Digital typewriter for distraction free writing (pre-launch)
  • Freewrite Traveler

    1 review

    Say goodbye to writer's block! Traveler is designed to help you focus on writing. Whether it's your novel, screenplay, or blog, write wherever you go.

    βœ… 4-week battery life*

    βœ… E Inkβ„’ screen

    βœ… Less than 2 lbs

    βœ… Full-size keyboard

    βœ… Folding design for maximum portability

    βœ… Syncs to Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive

    βœ… Zero distractions

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