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Super elegant smart lock

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August Smart Lock

Control who can('t) enter from your smartphone/computer.

Kate- Community @Tierion
Keys are sooo last century. Upgrade to a smart lock that uses your phone to get in. This also makes having visitors a lot more seamless— I personally have accidentally locked out family and friends on multiple occasions because we did not coordinate keys / time that I'd be home to let them in. This way, they can get in and out with their phone and everyone s… See more
Jordan Kong- Head of BizOps at Ando
I've had one for a couple of years now, and while the auto-unlock function doesn't always work (maybe successful 60-70% of the time), the auto-lock function makes it easy to leave the house in a jiffy!
Jason Meeks- Making vision a reality @ISM_Vision
My friend has one of these and I used it to stay at his place while I was visiting, and I was able to get into his place while he was at work. Super clever, especially for people who are hosts on Airbnb and other similar services!
4 Alternatives to August Smart Lock

What's the best indoor smart lock?

Marlon WayneFounder @ Impulse
Gate Smart Lock - The first all-in-one connected smart lock
"The most complete solution is Gate. It packs a mechanical lock, a high resolution video camera, a numerical keypad, speakers, microphone, a… See more
Friday - Super elegant smart lock
"Aesthetics: Minimal and neat, and has interchangeable shells to match your door Function: Works with homekit. Has a powerful app."
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