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Floating Record™ Vertical Turntable

Vinyl gone vertical.

12 alternative and related products to Floating Record™ Vertical Turntable


Hand-curated vinyl record subscription service

My Subscription Addiction
VNYL is a monthly subscription for discovery and curation of your vinyl record collection. When you sign up for this service, you'll fill out a lengthy profile that includes your likes and dislikes. From there, you can also link your profiles on digital audio services like Spotify and Sound Cloud - this will help with curating your record selection each mont… See more
Eater NY
A massive bar, restaurant, coffee shop, and record store inspired by the '70s makes its debut this weekend in the East Village - complete with a rope swing, a gentleman's lounge called "The Lion's Den," and music curated by Entourage star Adrian Grenier.
As anyone who will spend this weekend in a sultry nurse uniform or a tangerine-hued Trump mask knows, it's not a Halloween party without costumes. But for the rest of the year, can the Vnyl, a 1970s-themed club that opened in September and stands for "Vintage New York Lifestyle," capture that era without bell-bottoms, sepia shades and disco?
James Morrissey is a good guy to know. And not just because he owns and runs an dance mansion of a vintage bar with four floors + a champagne garden in East Village. Or because we're hosting our NYC Issue release party at his aforementioned venue this Friday night.
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World's first infinitely portable, wireless record player

RokBlok is a portable wireless record player.

Update: Sometimes you think a gadget is new when it was invented in the 70s as a gag gift. Sometimes you see a gadget and think simultaneously, "that's insanely clever," but also just "that's insane."
In an ever more mobile world, vinyl-the least mobile audio format this side of a symphonic orchestra-is making a surprise comeback. But short of a return to the 7″, is there any way to make vinyl more mobile, and less dependent upon a bulky home stereo? The RokBlok might just be the answer.
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LOVE Turntable

The intelligent record player

What Hi-Fi?
It's being billed as "the world's first intelligent turntable". Love looks like a turntable unlike any other. It promises to be "the world's first intelligent turntable" - its major selling point is that you can control it from your phone. Just like a standard deck it plays vinyl using a stylus.
Digital Trends
Vinyl is making a comeback, and you know what that means - the return of the turntable. After all, what good is a record without a record player? And while we may be harking back to disc formats of old, that doesn't mean we don't get to give those familiar turntables a 21st-century makeover.
Turntables, even those with five-figure prices, operate on the same basic premise: a stationary needle follows the grooves of a spinning record, translating vibrations into electrical signals, which are then translated into sound. Love flips that. The oblong player, designed by Yves Behar, spins around your vinyl like the hand of a clock.
The $300 Love turntable does away with the platter and tonearm, and it has Bluetooth. What could go wrong?
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Vinyl Recorder

Record and edit vinyl records straight to your phone 📲

Vinyl Recorder is the first app that enables you to record your vinyl straight to your phone. With its Gracenote integration, it cuts up the sound into individual tracks, and adds the album artwork, song and album title, artist, and genre tags automatically. iOS coming soon.

Digital Trends
If you're a vinyl listener looking to take rips of your favorite records on the go, there is now an app for that. Fans of analog audio who want to listen to their favorite records on the go now have a new option for putting their coveted collection in their pocket with Convert Technologies ' new Vinyl Recorder app.
Convert Technologies
Vinyl records are one of the oldest ways to listen to music. Our love for them might have faded as the cassette, the CD and then the MP3 took our hearts, but they've always been there. Their popularity ebbed over time, but 2006 marked the beginning of their comeback.
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